Dining with a difference at Clarke Quay

Dining with a difference at Clarke Quay

by Kesavan Loganathan 03 Feb 2020

Clarke Quay is more known for its pubs, clubs and its popularity generally stems from the quality of nightlife that happens around there. Not many of us visit Clarke Quay for their great variety in terms of food. I visited this place again mid-day to find out what gems I could dig up from this popular location. Read on to find out which restaurants I thought you should definitely visit! 



6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #B1-44 Clarke Quay Central


Topping this list off is a restaurant that has certainly made it into my top vegan restaurants list. NomVnom is located along 6 Eu Tong Sen Street at Central mall. Head down to basement 1 and you should be able to locate it relatively easily. NomVnom serves up some classic western dishes only that all of their items are 100% vegan. The key message they wish to spread to their patrons is to pursue a healthy lifestyle through the food that they consume. When I visited, I decided to go for the classic hamburger with French fries combination. The burger I picked was the temptation satay burger packed with crisp lettuce, cucumber and a juicy vegetarian patty which was made to taste exactly like a satay would. The unique aspect with all these dishes is that they are served with a shot glass of vinegar which is meant as an appetiser. There is a great variation to their pasta dishes as well so that’s on my hit list when I head down again.


Absolute Acai

3 Pickering Street, #01-38 Nankin Row


Absolute Acai can be found in between Chinatown and Clarke Quay along 3 Pickering Street. It is primarily known as a dessert place which prioritizes both taste and healthiness equally. I’ve got to say that the thing that caught my eye with this place is the uniqueness of their menu. I can safely say that a lot of the food that can be purchased here will not be readily available island wide. They have a great range of customizable options with ingredients like coconut shavings, granola, mixed fruits and cocoa nips. These handly little dishes are great for hot or generally horrible days because they’d instantly perk you up. You don’t have to feel guilty about getting dessert too because 99 percent of the items here are extremely healthy and are beneficial to your body. It is also extremely affordable with most people going for the medium acai bowl which goes for $6.90. I ordered a medium acai bowl topped with bananas, granola and coconut shavings. Best $7 I’ve ever spent in my life.


Ramen Santouka

6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #02-76 Clarke Quay Central


If you’re a huge fan of the Japanese cuisine, you’re going to love this restaurant. Ramen Santouka is another restaurant located within Central mall on the second floor. They are well known for their signature Tonkatsu soup which is basically a mild pork flavoured soup with vegetables, dried fish and kelp. They have a great variety in their menu which includes dishes like curry rice, shio broth and even their classic pork cheek ramen. This restaurant has made it unto many of the top 5 ramen restaurant articles and I can understand why. Their soup bases have a unique touch to them which allowed me to drink the whole broth without burning up my mouth. If you visit, be sure to try their shio soup with ramen as well as their miso ramen.


If you’re too busy to make your way down to Clarke quay but still want to enjoy the delicious burgers and pastas on offer at nomVnom, check this out! Deliveroo can deliver your favourite items on the menu within 30-45 minutes. Check out the menu in the link above!