Don't let your sweat sesh get to your head (literally)

Don't let your sweat sesh get to your head (literally)

by Eunice Chua 19 Feb 2020

Sweaty workouts are exhilarating and rewarding but dealing with the aftermath of all that perspiration is nowhere as fun. Smelling bad after a workout isn’t even the biggest concern for those of us who have to deal with itchiness and flakes on our heads. All that sweat accumulated in your hair can be really bad for your scalp, but it’s surprisingly easy to practice good scalp hygiene to avoid those unsightly follicular faux pas.


  • Wash your hair appropriately

You definitely shouldn’t spend an entire day leaving your sweaty hair unwashed as lots of bacteria can end up being trapped in your scalp. However, washing your hair with excessive amounts of shampoo too frequently can be a problem as well – it ends up stripping your scalp of its natural oils, leaving it dry and flaky.


  • Use the right hair wash products

Your scalp is extremely sensitive to the type of hair wash products you use, so make sure to avoid harsh detergents especially after workouts. Instead, opt for detergent-free shampoos and invest in a good conditioner that restores your hair’s natural oils.


  • Moisturise dry scalps with natural oils

If you have a problem with dry scalps, the easiest way to resolve this is to pamper it with some natural oils. Some good products to use include lavender oil, coconut oil and tea tree oil – these fuss-free products aren’t overly expensive and can work wonders for dry scalps and hair!


  • Get scalp treatment products

When all else fails, you can always count on a decent scalp treatment product to save your flaking crown. There are many medicated shampoos available for treating dandruff, as well as dedicated moisturising lotions for when natural oils don’t seem to work. If the sheer variety of products creates more confusion than solutions, a quick visit to a trusted salon works just as well!


Having scalp issues can really put a damper on your self-confidence, even if it has been boosted by a workout that ended up being totally crushed. We all deserve to leave the gym with out heads held high, luxurious manes and all! You're taking good care of your body; do the same for your hair!