Easy (and natural) ways to lower your cholesterol

Easy (and natural) ways to lower your cholesterol

by Pamela Ng 18 Feb 2020

The number of people with some sort of heart condition is escalating rapidly on a global scale. With poor nutritional habits and sedentary behaviour on the rise, increases in cholesterol levels are no longer odd occurrences; they’re expected. If you’re hesitant about popping a bunch of wildly coloured pills to help with this, then at least you’ve got your head screwed on straight. Try taking some simple and effective measures to bring your cholesterol back to reasonable levels:


1. Eat like a proper human

A healthy diet is generally one that is low in processed foods and high in fibre and other micronutrients; basically what the human body was designed to thrive on. Plant-based food is especially a good choice because it is high in anti-oxidants and other vitamins and minerals that help to remove or reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body. If your plate contains a rainbow ensemble of fruits and vegetables, you’re doing it right.


2. Lower sodium and increase potassium

Eating too much salt can lead to increase in cholesterol and blood pressure. While sodium is an essential mineral, that doesn’t mean you have to empty the salt shaker every time you season your meat. Keep it to a sprinkle/pinch and consume more vegetables and fruits to increase potassium intake and keep cholesterol and blood pressure under control.


3. Move and shed some pounds

If you are overweight, there is a chance your cholesterol level is through the roof and heart problems are in cards. Besides these problems, obesity can also cause other health conditions like joint pain or diabetes. By changing your lifestyle and exercising more – even if it’s simply moderate activity or movement – the subsequent weight-loss can help return your cholesterol to normal levels and prevent heart disease.


4. Breathe deeply

Breathing may seem like a simple thing, but deep breathing can hold huge benefits. Dr Herbert Benson, a Harvard physician, showed that daily deep breathing can help decrease cholesterol levels. Besides this physiological improvement, deep breathing can also help bring calmness to the mind and lower stress levels, helping you to carry out your day with a lighter mood.


High cholesterol is a precursor to many health problems, especially those relating to the heart. By making some small tweaks, you can lower cholesterol levels and change your health for the better. Control your life before it controls you.