Easy bone broth recipes for lazy evenings

Easy bone broth recipes for lazy evenings

by Muhaimin X 18 Jan 2020

Bone broth saw a resurgence in its popularity early in 2015, with many celebrities and health gurus touting the benefits of the nutrient-rich concoction. While broth is traditionally thought to require hours of brewing as part of preparation, there are multiple variations of this dish that allow you to cut back significantly on the amount of time spent in the kitchen. Here are four of such recipes to get you started:


1. Slow-cooker bone broth

The idea of brewing can sound intimidating to an amateur cook, but all your fears can be easily assuaged via the marvellous invention known as the slow-cooker. It’s super-easy and all it really takes is for you to periodically check on the pot’s progress. For this recipe. it is recommended that you roast the bones first in order to really bring out the flavour. Don’t forget to season them with salt, pepper, and any other spices that you love!


2. Apple cider vinegar bone broth

For those who like the idea of drinking apple cider but hate the resulting taste – this recipe’s for you! Amazingly, the combination of apple cider and bone broth makes for a delectable fusion of flavours; the apple cider vinegar doesn’t affect the savoury taste of the soup as much as most people would assume. As for the choice of meat, either chicken or beef bones will do.


3. Easy chicken bone broth

This is by far the easiest chicken bone broth recipe you can find. This recipe only requires four ingredients, with one of them being water. You can conjure this recipe using a pressure cooker, which allows it to be ready in about an hour as compared to the six to eight it would take in a conventional slow cooker.


4. Orange turkey bone broth

Consider this turkey dish your next Thanksgiving favourite thanks to the mash-up of sweet and savoury! Not only that, but you'll also be able to use every part of the turkey and not worry about leftovers. This recipe uses bay leaves, parsley, and a mandarin orange peel to give your broth that unique flavour that neither you nor your family will soon forget!


Nothing caps off a hectic evening or complements a rainy day more than a hearty bowl of warm broth. You can even have a bowl when you’re feeling peckish! But if the only thing holding back was the notion of spending hours over a hot stove, then consider yourself well and truly served!