Easy homemade meal prepping

Easy homemade meal prepping

by Pamela Ng 26 Jan 2020

Meal-prepping has become increasingly popular, given the busy schedules of many health-conscious people nowadays. In the grand scheme of things, it saves time that can otherwise be spent on work or with loved ones. However, preparing a week’s worth of meals is not an easy task, especially when it comes to planning what to cook while considering their nutritional value. We narrow down some of the best meals you can prepare that are simple to make and nutritionally well-balanced:


1. Oven-roasted meat and vegetables

Oven-roasting can be incredibly easy and not to mention, very healthy. Just cut your meats to the desirable thickness and send it into the oven! You can also save time and energy by arranging various vegetables around the meats so that you can cook all your food simultaneously. To add flavour to the food, marinate the meats with your favourite sauces or add herbs, seasonings and spices before the roast. The heat brings out the natural rich flavour of the food, all without the need for cooking oil!



2. Dip and serve

A conventional meal usually consists of meats, vegetables and carbohydrates such as rice or pasta. But why stick with the conventional when there is an easier way of getting the essential nutrients? Dips and sauces are convenient to prepare and can be nutrient-dense! You can try your hand at making guacamole, which is rich in monounsaturated fat from avocadoes, or hummus, which is full of plant-based protein due to the garbanzo beans used. Aside from using them as dips for your main meals, you can also snack on them with carrot or celery sticks.


3. Wrap it up

Wraps may not look much, but stuff it with the right meats and vegetables, and they become one heck of a delicious meal. You can also add sauces for additional flavour. As wraps are convenient to make and easy to store without making a big mess, it is efficient and time-saving to make many of them to last a week or more. For healthier options, you can choose wholegrain tortilla or simply wrap the ingredients in a cabbage leaf for a low-carb option.


Maximising meal prep is all about getting the most amount of food for the time spent preparing it. Practicality aside, we should also make sure the time-saving element doesn’t compromise the flavour and nutritional value of the foods. By being mindful during the cooking process, we can enhance the taste whenever needed without having to resort to less than wholesome means.