Easy workouts you can do while on holiday

Easy workouts you can do while on holiday

by Evigan Xiao 11 Jun 2018

Staying active during your vacation doesn’t have to be the struggle most people make it out to be. The truth is, if your goal is to simply maintain your current level of fitness, then there’s really not much to it when it comes to building simple workouts that focus on strength and conditioning. Here are three sample templates that you can follow:


For those with a hotel gym:

Even the most basic of hotel gyms will have at least a respectable amount of weights by way of the dumbbell rack. The beauty of this programme is that you don’t even need super-heavy dumbbells to get a good workout in; the density and volume will take care of that for you!


Hotel gym dumbbell complex (done for five rounds):

A1 – Stiff-legged deadlift x 8

A2 – Push-press x 6

A3 – Front squat x 8

A4 – Bent row x 6


Exercises are done back-to-back with no rest in between or release of dumbbells. Weight selection will be dictated by your weakest movement and you will stick with the same weight throughout the workout. Rest for 60 – 90s between each round.


For those who stay near a park/beach:

Most parks and beaches have exercise corners which you can utilise for training purposes; you can count on there being at least one set of pull-up bars or least monkey bars that can be used to a similar effect. This workout will utilise upper-lower-body supersets to allow you to get more training volume in without accumulating as much fatigue.


Outdoors PHA workout:

A1 – Air squats x 10

A2 – Pull/chin-ups (use jump-assistance if necessary) x 8

(Two-minute rest)

B1 – Bench step-ups x 10 each leg

B2 – Push-up (use incline if necessary) x 8

(Two-minute rest)

C1 – Jump lunges x 10 each leg

C2 – RKC plank x 30s


Perform each exercise pairing for four sets before moving on to the next one. If your conditioning allows, take no rest within supersets. Otherwise, 30 seconds of rest should be enough to allow you to recuperate sufficiently without negatively affecting the intensity of the workout.


For those who can only exercise in their room:

There are some holiday itineraries that leave one with only the hotel room as the only viable option for working out. If you’re strapped for time, don’t fret! Packing along resistance bands and a pair of slideboards will still allow you to get a quality training session in, all without having to step out of the door.


Room-based S&C workout:

A – Skater squat x 10

B – Band-resisted push-up x 10

C – Banded sumo squat x 10

D – Seated resistance band row x 10

E – Plank slideout x 10


All exercises are done for four sets each, with no more than 90 seconds rest in between sets. You can use different types of resistance bands across the exercises to suit your strength levels but if you only have one band to choose from, regulate the number of repetitions per set accordingly.


Not having access to your usual gym can be a bit of inconvenience of you’re used to training a certain way but taking a break from the usual schedule in favour of something new can certainly work in your favour. After all, you’re on holiday – why not try something fresh and exciting?