Expert tips for treating sunburnt skin

Expert tips for treating sunburnt skin

by Vanessa Ng 18 Jan 2020

Nobody likes being sunburnt. Not only is dead skin flaking off and dropping all over the bed, your new skin can feel raw, sensitive, painful and itchy. As you remind yourself for the millionth time to not skip the sunblock, here are some other steps you can take to remedy your sunburnt skin.


  • Wear light and loose clothing.

Bid a temporary farewell to your favourite skin-tight dresses and pencil skirts. Wearing light and loose clothing is the way to go when recovering from sunburnt skin, as it helps prevent the coarse fabric from rubbing and tugging at your vulnerable skin. In fact, if you’re not considering going outdoors in the sun for long periods of time, you can even consider wearing sleeveless shirts or tube tops to allow the damaged skin to breathe.


  • Hydrate

Hydrating yourself by drinking water with electrolytes can help revitalise your flaking skin. Coconut water is a perennial favourite due to its low sugar content and is easily available in most grocery stores. Other alternatives include mixing electrolyte powder with water for a more concentrated dose.


  • Take lukewarm baths

Better still, take lukewarm baths with colloidal oatmeal to repair your compromised skin barrier. This type of oatmeal becomes a viscous and jelly-like substance when mixed with water, which soothes and re-hydrates your skin.


  • Be liberal with aloe vera gel

Be extra generous when spreading or layering the sunburnt areas with aloe vera gel. This simple ingredient can not only heal affected areas your skin, but is also known to heal small wounds such as cuts. It is preferable to use chemical-free and fragrance-free gels for optimal effect. Look for those that specify the purity of the product (e.g. 99% aloe vera) and remember to reapply throughout the day.


When it comes to the sun and roasted skin, taking a preventive approach is always better (and less painful) than being forced to react. For especially hot days, be sure to pack an umbrella for some additional shade! These tips may help with your run-of-the-mill burns but if you have reason to believe that your condition is more severe, then a visit to your doctor would be best.