Fire up your fat-loss journey

Fire up your fat-loss journey

by Ashley Tan 03 Jan 2020

Has your new year fat-loss crusade come to a standstill? Don’t beat yourself up over it! If you’re set on ensuring that your fat-loss journey is a successful one, then there are several key factors that you should pay heed to and put into practice before you finally see the results that you’ve been pining for.  


Time and tide waits for no man – that’s why they say that one of the most precious resources that any of us mortal beings have is time. This means that if you’re constantly hard-pressed and can only dedicate a sparse amount of this invaluable resource to fitness, then prioritising your fat-loss goals should take centre stage while other less important goals take a backseat. For instance, if you’re truly focused on shedding the extra flab, then a periodised training approach consisting of a specific fat-loss phase that requires you to focus on fat loss will help you achieve your desired results more efficiently and effectively, compared to a more generic approach that doesn’t target any goal in particular.


However, focusing on the specific goal of losing fat isn’t the only thing that you need to pay attention to. To maximise leanness, it is essential to be conscious of the hierarchy of fat loss. This includes following through with a nutritious diet, as well as engaging in activities that burn calories, increase muscle mass, and improve your metabolic rate.


In fact, there are certain training methods that are aimed at helping you achieve just that. One of these methods includes metabolic resistance training, which creates an elevation of metabolism that continues to last for hours after the workout. To engage in metabolic resistance training, you will need to do full body workouts in a superset, tri-set, or circuit format with non-competing exercises, as these will help generate the largest metabolic demand.


Another staple workout that helps with fat loss is high-intensity interval training, also commonly known as HIIT. HIIT workouts help burn more calories and increase metabolic rates to a greater extent than other forms of aerobic work, thereby enabling more fat to be burned.


But activities which require high intensity aren’t the only ones that are useful when it comes to burning fat. In fact, steady state low-intensity activities such as going for a walk in the park, or climbing up and down a flight of stairs, can also do the trick. Non-exercise physical activities like taking your dog for a walk or doing the groceries can also have a contributory effect. While these activities may not burn that many calories, getting your body moving is never a bad thing either. Everything adds up, and it’s usually the smaller things that end up making a bigger difference.


If there’s one thing that these tips have proven, it’s that homing in on and staying true to a specific goal is the cornerstone of any successful fitness routine. Thus, it goes without saying that the same applies to your fat-loss journey – attack the fat single-mindedly with passion and verve, and you will get your way!