Fitness strategies for the busy woman

Fitness strategies for the busy woman

by Pamela Ng 23 Feb 2018

Women’s roles have vastly changed in the new age. From the stereotypical housewives of the past, women now take on more roles in the workplace. With these new responsibilities also comes less time for themselves, which can impact their ability to look after their health. Here are some ways busy career women can keep their health up while soaring the corporate landscape:


1. Do something you love

For most people, work can come across as being mundane and boring, and you certainly wouldn’t want the same feelings to be carried over to your exercise time. Instead of following the crowd and do something that you don’t enjoy, take the time to try different activities to find one that you truly like. Force-feeding an unnatural activity will only put you off exercising and make you feel terrible in the long run.


2. Use whatever time you have

Delays and setbacks are always possible, be it clients turning up late, the taxi being stuck in traffic, or the train experiencing malfunctions. Instead of using that time to scroll through Facebook or other forms social media, use that time to optimise and plan your agenda for the day or the next day. This will help you to free up time that would otherwise be wasted and allow you to have more time for exercise.


3. Go short but hard

If you are short of time but are still very determined to keep up with your fitness goals, then short and hard workouts (such as CrossFit or HIIT training) are for you. They can be done in under an hour and give great results. If those exercises are too intense for you, scale it down appropriately so that you can maintain an appropriate level of intensity without jeopardising your safety.


4. Eat well

Besides physical exercises, a healthy diet can also make or break your fitness plan. If you are eating the wrong types and amounts of food, it can negatively affect the results of your training and your mood. Macronutrients and micronutrients are both equally important, and as much as possible, cut out all processed and refined foods. Taking care of your nutrition also minimises the likelihood of contracting an illness, which means less sick days and fewer missed training sessions!


5. Get together with like-minded people

It is always more enjoyable to engage in an activity with like-minded peers, especially with your loved ones. They help to keep you motivated and accountable while making the whole process fun, so that you can look forward to the next session and the one after that. Joining a community or even getting your family and friends involved can make keeping fit becomes less of a chore. If it’s something you look forward to, you will naturally put in more effort to ensure that it encounters as little disruption as possible.


The desire to both look good and perform well is something that all modern women can relate to. With time being the scarcest of resources, one must be practical when it comes to its expenditure and accumulation. These strategies are simple, but they stand to definitely change your life for the better. Take charge of your actions, own yourself and have fun while doing it!