Fitness-themed gifts for Christmas 2018

Fitness-themed gifts for Christmas 2018

by Evigan Xiao 06 Dec 2018

It's that time of the year when good tithing meets tinsel: Christmas is coming! While everyone looks forward to the festive season as a time to relax, the holidays can bring with it a particular form of stress. Shopping for Christmas gifts can be a challenging task for even the most seasoned of gift-givers. If you've been scratching your head over what to get your fitness-enthused loved one(s), here's a quick list to get you started:


1. Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Earphones

Bose is well-known for being purveyors of high-quality audio peripherals, so it's natural to assume that their line of personal audio products carrries the same level of attention to detail that defines their reputation. The SoundSport Free line is a true wireless earphone that is perfect for unencumbered workout sessions.


2. Kettyl Gryp

Ever wish you could take your love of kettlebells on the road with you? With the Kettyl Gryp, you'll be able to employ kettlebell-based workouts without actually having to pack a considerable amount of metal in your luggage! The attachment conveniently snaps on to any regular dumbbell handle – just like that and you're ready to go!


3. Theragun G2PRO

The Theragun can be thought as the byproduct of a sports massage therapist going all "mad scientist" on an automated piston. The latest in neuromusuclar percussive therapy, the Theragun makes addressing trigger points a much simpler and more streamlined process.


4. Skinners Sock Shoes

Barefoot training has its fair share of proponents due to the benefits that come when you toss out all that unnecessary cushioning most sports shoes have. Some even take it further and adopt a barefoot lifestyle (or as close as they can get anway). Skinners give you the feel of going barefott along with the  outsole protection of a conventional shoe; you can even go hiking with these!


5. Motiv Ring Tracker

Fitness wearables are great, except when they clash with your sense of fashion. Instead of a watch or a bracelet, why not sport your wearble in the form of an understated ring? The Motiv Ring Tracker carries all the functions of a regular tracker (along with some nifty security features) within the sleek silhouette of a titanium ring.


6. \backslash\fit Smart Yoga Mat

Wouldn't it be great if your stay-home yoga session was just as productive as the one in the studio? This truly smart yoga mat pairs with the Women's Health Yoga programme on Amazon Alexa; just fire it up and let it talk you through the flow of the day. Whats even better is that once you're done, flip the mat over and it'll roll itself back up!


7. Trekz Air

Bone conduction technology is relatively new territory in the realm of personal audio, but the applications are promising. Trekz Air wireless headphones allows you to work out to your favourite tunes while keeping you aware of your immediate environment. This is particularly useful for those who tend to engage in activites that benefit from added vigilance like road cycling. No need to worry about sound discretion; those around you won't hear a thing despite your earbuds being open.


8. Reebok Workout Ready Tri-Back Bra

A training bra needs to be both supportive and non-restrictive for the athlete's performance to be unhindered. Reebok's sports bra features an open back, a scoop neckline and impact support. Factor in the stretchy fabric along with Speedwick technology and you've got a piece of activewear that's both functional and fashionable.


9. PUSH 2.0 Lifting Band

For those who take their weight-lifting seriously, few things are as valuable as the ability to track one's bar path during training. Monitoring this aspect of movement allows one to spot inconsistencies and address them before they become a habit. The PUSH band's versatility means that it can either be worn on the body or attached to the barbell.


10. TriggerPoint GRID Vibe Plus

If a plain ol' foam roller just doesn't cut it in the SMFR department anymore, the GRID Vibe Plus should help shake things up a little! It uses vibration frequencies to help make breaking up those stubborn fascial knots slightly easier.


11. The Skulpt Scanner

Plenty of "smart" weighing scales sport the ability to measure body fat percentage levels, but what they fail to mention that the usage of bioimpedance can vary in terms of accuracy, depending on your body's current level of fluid retention. The Skult Scanner uses Composition Myography instead to provide more consistent results, and also allows you to perform localised measurements across 24 locations throughout your body.


12. Reebok GS Training Speedwick Tee

No one likes the feeling of a clammy shirt clinging to your skin as you train. This tee from Reebok is made from 100% quick-drying polyester fabric and effectively wicks the perspiration from your body, which means that the only distraction left is the one you create for yourself!


Regardless of whether you've been a little naughty or extremely nice, everyone deserves a little something for Christmas this year! You know the best thing about getting presents for people that are into fitness? They're the kind of gifts that keep on giving in the best possible way!