Fitness tip - Band lat pullover + pull apart

Fitness tip - Band lat pullover + pull apart

by Evigan Xiao 27 Feb 2020

Resistance bands are a great option for warm-ups due to the dynamic resistance they offer. When it comes to warming up the upper body, the standing lat pullover and pull apart are great for isolating and activating the lats as well as the rear deltoids – muscles which not only contribute to proper posture, but also play a key role in optimising athletic performance. However, combine the two and you’ve got a real knockout combo!


A good warmup is more than just about doing a few sets of push-ups and pull-ups; you should be aiming to stimulate and “wake up” parts of your body that are prone to inactivity and suffer from poor neuromuscular control.


In the case of the upper body, the most common victim are the shoulders. The slumped position adopted by most office workers leaves the shoulders in an excessively rounded position for extended periods of time. Carrying this shoulder posture over to physical training can adversely affect performance and even result in injury.


This postural issue can be broadly described in two parts: hypertonic anterior deltoids and pectorals which “pull” the shoulders forward, and lack of scapular depression which results in “floating” shoulders and tight traps. The band lat pullover + pull apart combo manages to address both these aspects. This movement is done by holding the pullover position while performing the pull aparts; do not reset after every rep.


Location and equipment courtesy of TripleFit


By stopping the pullover at a position where the arms are parallel to the ground, the focus is placed on the shoulder musculature’s ability to stabilise itself in a dynamic setting through scapular depression, while the addition of the pull apart movement utilises retraction of the shoulder blades.


You’d want to keep the volume fairly high on this – the idea is to get a nice pump going on. Using a light band, shoot for 2 to 3 sets of 10 to 20 reps. For a more complete warmup, you can try supersetting this after a round of banded shoulder up-and-overs (aka. dislocates)!