Fitness tip - Chaos kettlebell press

Fitness tip - Chaos kettlebell press

by Evigan Xiao 30 Jan 2019

Pressing is a must when it comes to building both an impressive-looking and functionally strong upper body. Push-ups, dumbbell presses and incline presses have long been training staples for both athletes and fitness enthusiasts, and it's always nice to know that there plenty of variations between them that one can use to either shake things up or to address specific needs.


The chaos kettlebell press is grounded in the practice and function of stability training. We're not talking about performing presses while standing/sitting on a BOSU ball – proper stability training is about working to stabilise and manipulate a load instead of yourself. What this does is to reinforce proper movement mechanics by forcing the individual to slow down and actively control their movement instead of letting gravity and momentum take over.

Location and equipment courtesy of TripleFit


You start by looping resistance bands through the handles of a pair of kettlebells. Pick the heaviest and thickest bands you can find as you'd want the band to be able to properly support the weight of the kettlebell and minimise excessive stretching. From here, simply grab both ends of the band in each hand and perform the movement.


As you perform your repetitions, you'll notice that the constant swaying motion of the kettlebells will require you to keep your joints aligned in order to keep the exercise from going out of control. Maintaining tension is also key here as you'd exhaust yourself prematurely without it. The nature of the chaos kettlebell press forces a significant reduction in load, so don't be surprised if you end up having to go with a much lighter kettlebell than usual.


Aside from reinforcing proper pressing mechanics, the chaos kettlebell press is also a fine alternative for pressing around nagging shoulders. The lighter load is easier on the joints and the adherence to proper movement results in less irritation. Higher-repetition sets work better with these, so don't be afraid to “chase the pump” with this nifty pressing variation!