Fitting your diet to your gut

Fitting your diet to your gut

by Pamela Ng 22 Feb 2020

Our gut contains millions of bacteria required for the body’s proper functioning. This collection of gastrointestinal flora is termed gut microbiome and can affect many things, from our basic health to how we look and feel. This microbiome not only includes probiotics, but comprises many other underrated microorganisms as well. A healthy life for these bacteria is a healthy life for us too, which is what Viome aims to achieve with its targeted approach to individualised nutrition.


Viome is a company which analyses human stool samples to generate a report on the body’s health. The AI engine subsequently produces a diet and lifestyle recommendation to ensure the health of your gut bacteria. Of course, you are provided with a kit filled with materials that help you to collect the sample conveniently and comfortably at home.


As gut bacteria changes overtime, depending on how you change your lifestyle, the sample collection and analysis take place twice a year. After all, Viome is not about quick-fixes, but long-term and sustainable improvements to one’s health. This means having to account for changes that come with age and are subject to variances in environment


There are many reasons for using Viome but primarily, it is to find out details about your microbiome profile so that you can adopt a health and wellness regimen most suited to your condition. This can help address several issues such as:


  • Weight maintenance despite a diet
  • Lack of focus in the day
  • Struggles with skin conditions
  • Lack of energy
  • Frequent bouts of illness
  • Sleeping problems


Improving your gut microbiome can help to target the above problems at their roots. Your quality of life will then be able to improve.


How is Viome different?


Firstly, Viome provides personalised analysis of your stool sample to gauge your overall health. Using this information, it will then provide a customised list of diet recommendations and lifestyle changes that would help improve your health (almost) entirely. After all, everyone is different.


Secondly, Viome uses modern and up-to-date technology in its analysis. You can trust in the results provided because unlike yourself, the molecules and bacteria in your gut don’t lie.


The microbiome in our gut can contribute to our daily performance in life. Furthermore, it can also reduce the chances of getting various health problems such as obesity, diabetes and heart diseases. By treating our microbiome well with the proper diet, nutrients and good lifestyle habits, improvements in health are sure to follow.