Fix your puffy skin with these derm-approved tips

Fix your puffy skin with these derm-approved tips

by Eunice Chua 1 month ago

Forget bad hair days; puffy skin is the worst thing to wake up to in the morning. Poor-looking skin is a problem that can be hard to predict and the symptoms aren’t pretty at all. Swollen eyelids, bloated cheeks and a tinge of unwelcome redness are just some of the unsightly manifestations of puffy skin. Luckily, there are several ways to prevent it from acting up in the morning.


1. Consume less alcohol

Alcoholic drinks play a huge part in causing puffy skin because it can lead to fluid retention as well as inflammation, not just in our face but in other parts of the body. Too much alcohol also makes your skin red because alcohol can increase the production of inflammatory proteins, causing that ever-familiar “Asian flush”.


2. Minimise processed foods containing sodium and sugar

The problem with excess sodium is that it dehydrates your body by reacting with water in your cells. Puffy skin is the result of this dehydration and water retention. Food that is high in sodium includes snacks like chips as well as processed items like deli meats. Sugary foods and caffeinated products also cause water retention, so keep your consumption of such food to a moderate (or less than) amount.


3. Get more sleep

Sleep is the time when your body naturally clears toxins. When you’re asleep, excess fluids from your facial tissue are removed from the body through urine. Not getting enough sleep can upset your skin’s pH balance and leads to water retention, which leads to puffiness. Some sleeping habits can also cause this undesirable condition. For example, sleeping face down for too long can cause your skin to puff. Certain facial products can also lead to water retention, so watch out for those.


4. Use under-eye cream

Eyebags and dark eye circles are not the only things to worry about when it comes to your under-eye area. This area is susceptible to swelling because the skin here is very thin, which makes any amount swelling very noticeable. Apart from investing in good skincare products, you should also get some quality cream for your under-eye area if yours are prone to swelling. Products containing green tea and retinols are ideal for this purpose. For extra results, keep your cream chilled by storing it in the fridge – this prevents swelling even more effectively.


5. Exercise

Exercise could be seen as the miracle cure for puffiness in the morning because it gets your blood circulating, which helps to drain all the accumulated fluids away. The best results come when you activate all the different muscle groups. Full jumping jacks are an easy way to achieve this. Instead of holding your arms out at shoulder level, clap them above your head to do a full jumping jack.


Puffy skin is an annoying problem, but it usually isn’t serious and can be easily avoided with some lifestyle changes. Preventing and treating puffy skin is all about staying away from things that cause water retention, so pay attention to what you are consuming on a daily basis. Coupled with healthy sleep habits, you shouldn't have a thing to worry about!