Flipping self-criticism on its head

Flipping self-criticism on its head

by Natalie L 16 Aug 2019

Body shaming has long been  regarded as an act to be condemned, but very few people truly understand what this means in totality. It's not always about what others have to say; what goes on within our own heads can be considered a form of shaming as well. Although criticism from within is seldom talked about, it remains a very pertinent problem. If you often struggle with being your own worst critic, here’s how you can rise above and overcome your demons! 


Accept that it is okay to look bad on some days

Some days, we might look in the mirror and feel disappointed by the image staring back at us. The feeling isn’t great, but it is completely normal! It is nearly impossible to feel 100% satisfied by our appearance every single day; some days will be worse than others. Nevertheless, it is important to accept ourselves anyway and remind ourselves that true beauty comes from within. Don't get too caught up in whatever's on the surface because as we all know, beauty is only skin-deep.


Love your body for its function

People might hate certain parts of their body and wish to change them. While we might not like the way certain parts of our body look like, it is still important to cherish and love them nonetheless. Our bodies are with us for our entire lifetime, and they enable us to move and carry out our daily activities. Thus, be thankful for their function instead of being disappointed by their appearance. Furthermore, don't take your physical capacity for granted. There are others who are not as fortunate as you, and it would be great disservice to them if you fail to cherish what you presently have!


Look beyond the surface

Our looks might take up a great deal of our thoughts and effort. It's not surprising as human beings are first and foremost, visual creatures. Indeed, it can be very distracting, especially when we compare our looks with that of others. The harsh truth of it all is that there will always be someone who looks more attractive or has what you find to be the more ideal body shape. It is important to remind ourselves that we are much more than our looks. Our talents and accomplishments are of greater importance and often play a huge role in determining the legacy we leave behind. Our families and loved ones are also integral to our quality of life; it's hard to imagine what living would be like without their unwavering support. Instead of focussing on the superficial, we should remind ourselves that there are other things – way more effectual things – that deserve our time and attention.


Looking past your shortcomings and getting past your personal insecurities can be very challenging – it takes time, patience and practice. However, it is important for you to accept yourself for who you truly are. Every single one of us has flaws, but they're also what makes each of us so wonderfully unique. At the same time, know that you are more than your imperfections. The next time you feel those thoughts of negativity start to seep in, ask yourself: is there even such a thing as a perfect person?