Getting a workout in when your mind refuses to co-operate

Getting a workout in when your mind refuses to co-operate

by Natalie L 22 Feb 2020

We all know the importance of regular training and exercise; who doesn’t want to build a rockin' bod? Yet, working out can be very challenging on those days when your brain tells you it'd rather just lounge around at home. If you have had this feeling before, don’t worry! We understand the tribulations of trying to squeeze in a workout on those less than stellar days! Here’s what you can do to overcome them:


Choose an activity you enjoy

Some people engage in sports or training routines that they don’t even enjoy to begin with, simply because it's what everyone else happen to be doing at the time. Not only will they begin to feel disgruntled and discouraged as time passes, but they'll  also have a minimal amount of inclination to stick to their training regimen. Why force yourself to do something that clearly isn't your style? Instead, choose a sport you enjoy instead and you'll be able to reap the health benefits while having fun at the same time!


Another trap here is that many people tend to have a very narrow definition of exercise—it is often limited to running, gym routines, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), etc.. Many forget the more unconventional forms of exercise such as martial arts, yoga and cycling. Try mixing up your exercise routine by incorporating various types of activities which you enjoy; this simple change might be all you need to transform your exercise regime from a burden to an escape after a long day of work!


Consistently lead an active lifestyle

It is easy to forget that keeping fit is much more than just  exercise. At this point, evaluate your lifestyle at work and at home; would you consider it to be more sedentary than active? Incorporating active living into your work and personal life can be relatively easy, but this is often overlooked.


A great way to start is by walking more! Take the stairs instead of the lift or escalator whenever you are just one or two storeys away from your destination. If you work at a desk, take small but frequent breaks and walk around your office to refresh your mind and get your heart pumping. For lunch, choose to visit the food centre that's slightly farther away from your office building every once in a while. Not only will this get you to walk more,  but you'll also enjoy a greater variety of food choices!


Ensure adequate rest days

Another mistake people make is to tire their body from excessive training and inadequate rest. However, burnouts only lead to reduced effectiveness and decreased motivation. Under such circumstances, it is no wonder that your mind will begin to rebel against your body.


All professional athletes understand the importance of down-time. Rest days allow the mind and body time to rejuvenate and recuperate, allowing athletes to be at their best when it comes time for them to push themselves. While having regular rest days or even an entire deload week may seem to be inefficient due to the lack of exertion, both your body and mind will be extremely grateful for it in the long-run!


We’ve all had those bad days of dragging ourselves to the gym despite our minds saying “no” or those lazy days where we give in to our heart’s desires and end up skipping a workout. With some changes to how you approach exercise, you'll be able to overcome those instances of internal conflict and master your emotions!