Getting an edge with Euglena

Getting an edge with Euglena

by Ashley Tan 16 Apr 2018

Aside from the abundance of health trends and superfoods that have been on the rise lately, supplements have also become increasingly popular because of all the health benefits that they bring. If you’ve been on the search for an all-in-one supplement, then perhaps you might consider Euglena P-3, a unique supplement that contains essential nutrients which can help maintain and boost your overall health.

What exactly is Euglena, and how is it useful for your body? Essentially, Euglena is a species of microalgae that carries out photosynthesis to produce nutrients, and was first made into a food and health supplement in 2005 by Japanese company Euglena Co. Ltd.. A special characteristic about Euglena is that it is the only species of microalgae which has a cell membrane rather than a cell wall that surrounds its cells, which makes it easier for our bodies to break down and absorb nutrients. Studies have even revealed that the digestive rate of Euglena is a whopping 93.1%, which says a great deal about its absorption level.


As a microalga that carries lots of carotenoids, vitamins and minerals, Euglena offers all 59 essential nutrients required our body for replenishment and repair. These include vitamins such as Vitamins D and E, minerals such as zinc and iron, amino acids such as threonine and methionine, and even fatty acids such as DHA and oleic acid. This means that a simple pop of Euglena will provide you with all the nutrients that your body needs for optimal health.


In fact, as a common component included in cosmetic products, Euglena could also provide aesthetic benefits such as helping to smoothen and brighten your skin. Euglena P-3 has also been shown to assist in the formation of collagen, a protein that contains tensile strength and helps maintain elasticity in the skin. Euglena has also been used in hair and scalp care products which aim to help the user grow healthier and luxurious locks, so you could potentially also see an improvement in hair health!


So how many Euglena capsules do you need to consume for before seeing or feeling results? The recommended serving size is 3 small capsules of Euglena P-3 to obtain the 59 nutrients that your body requires for a boost in health and immunity. This product is generally considered suitable for everyone – even vegans or vegetarians will find it useful as it contains lipids and amino acids to supplement their plant-based diets.


If you’ve been struggling with finding a supplement that is both convenient and provides the nutrients that you require, then Euglena P-3 may be what you’re looking for. Customers have raved about the bountiful benefits of the product, such as lowered cholesterol, and even a reduction in stomach fat, which is always a nice thing to hear!