Getting over life's catastrophes

Getting over life's catastrophes

by Natalie L 11 Feb 2020

A wise quote reads, “life chips away at us all. Some play the victim. Some choose to be a survivor. And then there are those who choose to conquer."


While these may be aesthetically pleasing words to live by, it's important to realise how it applies to your life and its tribulations. When it comes to the victim, survivor and conqueror, what distinguishes these three categories of people is their attitude. 


Acknowledge your failure 

No one likes failure. Upon failing, many tend to shy away from their problem or cover it up. However, true success requires one to acknowledge where they fall. They acknowledge that something went wrong. They acknowledge that they've made a mistake. Such honesty is extremely crucial and is the first step to achieving success. Changes cannot be made without first recognising the problem. As they say in behavioural rehabilitation programmes, “the first step is admitting that you have problem”. 


Credit yourself for daring to try

People who failed are people who dared to try in the first place. Yet, those that find success in life also share that trait. Yes, failure is indicative of mistakes but they also represent courage. Even if you have failed, recognise the guts it took for you to take that leap of faith despite the risks. Others may seem to be perpetually doing well and their lives might seem to be devoid of failures, but perhaps they never moved out of their comfort zones to begin with. But you did, so give yourself some credit for it. 


Learn from your mistakes

Failure should not be an end point; they should be a learning point. Don't give up your pursuit after failing for just the first time (or second or even third). You might have been close to your goal but fell because of a small slip-up. Treat every failure is a learning opportunity because there is a ton that you can learn about yourself, your environment and those around you. Achieving a harmony between all three aspects is what will provide succour, but it will take a significant amount of effort.


People who never try will never experience failure, but neither will they experience notable success. Don't let failures be your hurdle; let them work for you and become your ticket to success. After all, you'll never know how high you can soar until you learn to spread your wings!