Getting ready for that job interview

Getting ready for that job interview

by Eunice Chua 08 Feb 2020

Job interviews are usually the last thing standing in the way of you bagging that job you really want, so the stakes tend to be high and so do the nerves. Don’t let sweaty palms and stammers jeopardise your chance of success – making it to the interview stage already means you are qualified for the job. All you need to do is present yourself well, and the trick to that is to bring your passion to the table along with lots of positive thinking.


Ask the right questions

Interviews are not only for companies to deem if you’re a good fit for the company, they also help you determine if this is the job you should be settling for. Take the chance to find out as much as you can about the job, beyond how much they’re paying you and the workplace benefits. Employers want to hire someone who’s passionate and looking for long-term growth, so asking the right questions can be really advantageous and help present yourself as someone who knows what they want. Some of the best questions to ask that will help you decide if you’re going for the right job (and earn you some brownie points) include:


  • What the job scope will be like on a daily basis
  • What the company culture is like
  • Whether there are opportunities for growth and talent building
  • What the benchmarks for success and progress are


Envision success

Positive thinking can go a long way, so make sure you spend time envisioning how you want your interview to go in the days leading up to the interview. Picture yourself being calm, answering questions confidently and asking them critical questions. Practice speaking in the tone you want to adopt in the interview so that it’ll come more naturally to you on the day itself.


Stay relaxed

Keeping your cool is the most important thing on the day itself. If your thoughts are spiralling into panic, focus on repeating a mantra in your head that will keep you grounded. Simple phrases in the present tense such as “I am calm” or “I’ve got this” will help your mind adjust according to your thoughts, and your body will soon follow suit. Other ways of staying relaxed? Mindful breathing is a good practice that you can do anywhere, like in the waiting room just before the interview. You can even pair your breathing with the mantra you created – repeat the words to yourself when you inhale deeply and release the stress with the exhale. Finally, some pressure on your acupuncture points can help relieve tension too. Rubbing the area between your eyebrows as well as your ears and earlobes can help to ease the stress and get your body relaxed.


Interviews can feel like life or death situations, but even if they don’t go successfully, there are always other options. So, don’t put too much pressure on yourself because excessive worrying will only lessen your chances of nailing that interview. Stay calm and remember: interviews are for you to choose the company as much as they’re for the company to choose you.