Give to be happy

Give to be happy

by Pamela Ng 13 Nov 2017

When one talks of the value of gifts, we often think of what it means for the receiving party. However, the act of giving can have a two-way effect and make the giver feel good as well. Beyond that, it carries a deeper significance as to what it means to be human to one another, and can be instrumental in helping us realise our own happiness as well.


A matter of culture


In a world that is rife with unpleasant and heart-breaking news, it is not surprising that there are some people who have seemingly lost faith in the world. Poverty, disaster and exploitations are only some of the things that frighten and anger us, and often leads to us retreating into ourselves for safety and comfort. Why bother putting yourself out there when it could lead to you getting hurt or being taken advantage of?


A little goes a long way


The importance of doing good deeds is not about what it does for you, but what it means for others. Simply giving and showing kindness can be enough to make a significant difference in someone’s day and by extension, their lives. Sometimes, all it takes is a little sign to avert a crisis of faith. And while the gratefulness may not be immediately apparent, you can bet that it’ll be heartfelt and sincere. In the end, what does this tell you? It tells you that no matter what, you are still important enough to make someone’s day a little better, and you did.


The small ways


You don’t have to give a million dollars to charity or adopt ten orphans in order to prove that you’re a good person. Kindness and generosity shouldn’t be quantified. When you give, it should be done with the intention of doing good, instead of seeking appreciation and getting noticed. Service comes from the heart and it is the heart that will benefit the most, both yours and others. A kind word or a simple gesture can make all the difference in the world, and often in the least expected ways. Just as how receiving a present is always a surprise, you never know just how much change you can effect through the act of giving.


With the festive season drawing near, attention invariable turns to material gifts and lavish tokens of affection. But let’s not forget about the true value of giving and the altruism it symbolises. In spreading happiness to people around you, you allow it to take root within yourself as well.