Having a bullet journal in your lifestyle loadout

Having a bullet journal in your lifestyle loadout

by Rachel Foo 28 Jan 2020

I love my bullet journal for work; it definitely helped make my nine-to-five life less chaotic! Mind you, it’s not your typical diary where you write about your day and how you felt. It’s a customisable system of organisation which helps you to track your schedule, progress, to-do list, goals, etc.. When I first started bullet journaling, here’s what I discovered:


I worried lesser about forgetting something

I find myself more at ease when I am able to write what I need to do on a piece of paper. Before bullet journaling, I used to do exactly that on scraps of paper and tuck them under my keyboard. However, as the projects pile up, I find myself getting lost in those pieces of paper and would end up forgetting the little things that I needed to do.

With the bullet journal, not only was I able to consolidate everything into one place, I was also able to better plan out my milestones and avoid conflicts in scheduling. For example, I would be able to stay up to date with my work calendar and not make the mistake of double-booking appointments.


I gave my creative side free reign on making my journal look good

As a designer, I love customising. I love the monochromatic colour scheme and would use a different base colour for the different segments of my journal. Your bullet journal belongs to you and you only, so decorate it however you wish! Pick up new skills such as basic calligraphy if you wish to add some style to your headers. It can be quite a therapeutic experience when you take some time to plan out how you want your pages to look.


I gave my perfectionist side a break

My partner tends to refrain from buying me pretty notebooks. That’s because I usually end up NOT using them. I used to tear whole pages out for the sake of erasing one small error. When I contemplated using a bullet journal, I was initially hesitant because of my fear of making mistakes along the way. Eventually, I decided to just be really careful when I write. However, little errors here and there were bound to happen and I found myself just going with the flow in the end and making small changes in the next entry and the ones after that. Change is inevitable and that’s the beauty of a bullet journal – not everything has to be standardised!


You can include anything in your journal. Yes, ANYTHING.

Want to get your health on track? Go right on ahead! You can do up a page to track your training progress, self-care, sleep timings, and even your daily food intake. I know of some who even have a segment dedicated to listing gratitude. I myself added a segment specifically for the birthdays of my family and friends, and another where I would list ideas, no matter how silly they can be. You can also include a dream tracker, savings tracker, etc.. The only limit is your imagination!


Getting into bullet journaling was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’ve introduced it to my colleagues and they too, have fallen in love with the practice. Try it for yourself and you may find yourself surprised by just how much it can improve your life, just as it has done with mine!