Having a full schedule can be a good thing

Having a full schedule can be a good thing

by Eunice Chua 29 Jan 2020

A full schedule, meetings lined up back-to-back, replying to emails in the middle of meals – these are some trademarks of a life that’s moving at full throttle.  If you have such a lifestyle and find yourself struggling to stay afloat, take a deep breath and let this sink in: You’re in an amazing place, and you should appreciate this busy phase.


It sounds ridiculous at first. How can being so busy that you barely have a minute of me-time be anything good? Switching your mindset will seeing things from a different angle will make you realise this busy bee called life is actually brimming with positivity.


1. Maximum effort, maximum enjoyment

Having a packed schedule means you’re involved in many things. The sheer volume of experiences you get on a daily basis keeps your life active and fulfilling. After all, you wouldn’t want to be living a lifestyle that’s the extreme opposite - spending days on end lounging on the couch and waiting for messages that never come!


2. Momentum translates to productivity

When you’re at the peak of busy-ness, your mind is at its most alert and responsive. This is the time when your productivity will be at an all-time high. Like a ball rolling down a slope, your momentum will help you complete more tasks and at a faster rate than if you were having a sluggish-paced day.


3. There’s a rainbow after the storm

Life follows a steady pattern of up-and-down cycles. When you’re so overwhelmingly busy that you feel like you’re on the edge, fret not. There’s peace and calmness on the horizon just beyond. A famous quote by English historian Thomas Fuller sums this up: “The darkest hour is just before the dawn.”


Overwhelmingly busy periods are part and parcel of the cycle of life. While it gets exhausting trying to keep up, remind yourself that this is a positive phase to be in, and let this fact give you the strength to keep going!