How do you make every day count for something?

How do you make every day count for something?

by Pamela Ng 26 Jan 2020

What if tomorrow was your last day on this Earth? Would you be able to leave behind everything without any regrets? Or would your mind be filled with “should haves”? While living by itself can be pretty difficult, to live a life without any regrets is even more challenging. These are some of the practices that you can adopt to experience a regret-free life that is more fulfilling and enriching:


1. Be honest with your body

Often, your body reacts in a way that warns you of a possible health issue. For example, if your stomach aches persistently, a trip to the doctor’s may reveal something else other than a tummy ache. Early detection of any health problems offers a chance for treatment with a higher rate of success. If you decide to put off your medical tests, it may all be too late by the time you find out that you have a serious disease.


2. Be appreciative

With life being so fast-paced, we often forget how lucky we are. We have food, clean water, and a relatively peaceful life. Some people in war-torn countries constantly live in fear, while we lament on minute and insignificant situations. Life is much larger. We should count our blessings and be appreciative of what we have.


3. Strike off something from your bucket list

By now, we should all have a bucket list. And if you don’t, it’s time to make one. You don’t know what the future holds, so you should do the things that make you happy while you’re still healthy and capable. Clear as many agendas in your bucket list as possible, because experiences are priceless.


4. Reconnect with your past

In life, we may drift away from people who were once important to us, such as our friends or loved ones. Common reasons would include work and not having time. We may also be estranged from a family member through no fault of our own. It is indeed a pity to lose someone we once treasured. If you feel that you have unresolved issues with someone in your life, consider going out of your way to connect with them again. Who knows what new friendship or relationship will blossom from it?


Life is filled with uncertainties. While there are some things we cannot change, there are other aspects that we can control and take initiative in. Do the things that make you happy within and without so that you wouldn’t live to regret any day, and you can live a wholesome and rewarding life!