How to be ok with making mistakes at work

How to be ok with making mistakes at work

by Teo Kai Wen 27 Jan 2020

Email blunders are fairly common, especially in the workplace. To make matters worse, there’s no way to stop an email once it’s been sent! However, here are some tips that you can follow to hopefully turn your mistake from an embarrassing memory to a light-hearted anecdote.


What’s your blunder?


  1. Autocorrect

Unless your autocorrect was heinously unfortunate, most of the time slip-ups like these are common and easy to make, and even easier to forgive. In fact, the recipient of your email has mostly likely done something similar at some point in their career. To remedy the situation, send a calm, polite follow-up email explaining that you were in a hurry and made a mistake.


  1. Misspelling a name

If you’ve misspelt a name, the sooner you catch the mistake, the better. Make sure your apology is clear in your subsequent email; this way, you can make sure your blunder won’t be interpreted as rudeness or disrespect.


  1. Hitting “reply all”

The mistake of hitting “reply all” is a fairly common one, and the best way to avoid a potentially sticky situation would be to send a second, light-hearted email to explain your gaffe. However, be sure to avoid sending multiple follow-up emails to avoid the email thread devolving into an office-wide conversation.


  1. Sending an unkind message to its recipient

This is perhaps that most difficult kind of email blunder to fix, but setting out to resolve it is always better than leaving it to fester. Seek out the individual in question and have a private, face-to-face conversation with them. In this case, an apology over email would just come across as insincere. Talk to them calmly about what triggered your frustration, and of course, don’t do it again!


Most of the time, email blunders are nothing to sweat about – everybody makes them! It’s how you handle the aftermath that shows your co-workers the kind of person you are. Take responsibility for your actions and own up to; it’s the adult thing to do!