How to get your dose of HIIT at home

How to get your dose of HIIT at home

by Pamela Ng 27 Jan 2020

Have you ever felt that you don’t have enough time to work out and keep fit? Or do you lose motivation at the mere thought of spending a significant amount of time at the gym? If so, HIIT workouts may be the choice workout for you!


High intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts consist of a series of intense exercises and movements that hit various parts of your body. Done in intervals of one or two minutes and depending on the HIIT series that you are following, the entire workout usually takes up to 20-25 minutes and is fairly minimal in terms of equipment. Here are 3 HIIT workouts that you can try:


Workout 1


A1 – Weighted step-ups (1 min)

A2 – Your choice of mountain climbers or jump squats (30 sec)

A3 – Chin-ups (1 min)

A4 – Your choice of mountain climbers or jump squats (30 sec)

A5 – Russian Twists with medicine ball (1 min)


The 5 movements are to be considered as 1 set, as in they are performed in sequence to constitute one round. Before and after each movement, rest for 15 seconds. After completing 1 set, rest for 3 minutes before starting the next set. You should do a total of 3 sets.



Workout 2


A1 – Tuck jumps (15 repetitions)

A2 – Woodchopper with a large bottle of liquid (15 repetitions)

A3 – Bear crawl into a reverse burpee (15 repetitions)


Between each exercise, you can take up to 10 seconds of rest. Persist through the workout in order for 10 minutes and use a timer to keep your time in check.


Workout 3

A1 – Squats (20 sec)

A2 – Rest (10 sec)

A3 – Burpees (20 sec)

A4 – Rest (10 sec)

A5 – Sit-ups (20 sec)


Rest (10 sec)


Repeat the above 8 times.


While HIIT workouts are considered to be highly effective, it must be mentioned certain routines are considered to be more suitable for individuals who are already fit, exercise on a regular basis and are looking to stir up their exercise routine. For beginners, you should go with a HIIT workout that is scaled accordingly so that it doesn’t end up pushing you to the point of injury. HIIT is designed to test the limits of your athletic capacity, so don’t feel discouraged if you don’t make it through the workout the first few times. Keep practicing and you adapt to it soon enough!