How to make your holiday an active one

How to make your holiday an active one

by Evigan Xiao 11 Feb 2020

When you mention going on a holiday, most minds automatically conjure up an image of lounging by a beachside, sipping on drink that comes complete with a mini-umbrella and a brightly-coloured straw. While laziness is often seen as the norm in such cases, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. If you’re the kind that loves adding a physical aspect to whatever you do, you’ll be happy to know that you won’t have to sacrifice your up-and-at-‘em lifestyle for the sake of relaxation.


It might sound bizarre, but you don’t have to veg out to have a fun vacation. Active holidays are all about peppering your trip with physical experiences such as surfing, mountain climbing, and rafting – bonus points if it’s an activity you’ve never attempted before!

Even if your holiday destination doesn’t come with any novel activities, there are still plenty of ways to keep your body moving. Staying near a beach? See if you can go wakeboarding. Got a forested area nearby? Take a short hike after breakfast. You’ll be surprised at how much an adventure the environment can give you.


Of course, if you’re staying in a more urbanised area, your options may become a little limited. In situations like these, nothing beats taking a walk down the streets. Make use of the opportunity to explore as much as possible on foot instead of just driving around all the time. Considering how some places can only be reached through walking, there’s no telling just what you might find.

At the other end of the spectrum, you can turn the activity itself into a holiday. More and more people are being turned on to the idea of building their vacation around a hallmark activity like a marathon or a yoga retreat. Active travel packages often include flight and accommodation details as well; imagine a regular travel package but supersized!


In a pinch, even a basic hotel room workout will be good enough. If your trip comes with a pre-planned itinerary, time will be short. As such, it’s much better that you sneak in a quick workout before the day begins rather than nothing at all. With things like jump ropes and resistance bands, it’s pretty easy to get some quality work down within the four walls of a hotel room.


I would contend that holidays of the active variety are a lot more satisfying compared to their sedentary counterparts. A holiday where you reply, “oh nothing,” when asked what you got up to doesn’t sound nearly as exciting as one where you go, “I went wakeboarding and hiked up a waterfall on my first day!”