How to reduce stress if you're overly sensitive

How to reduce stress if you're overly sensitive

by Vanessa Ng 08 Feb 2020

Being hypersensitive can mean that even the smallest trigger can be picked up unintentionally. It can get really stressful when you have an assignment deadline or an important milestone coming up, and anything that worsens such a situation is certainly far from welcome. With that, here are some ways you can ease up your stress even if you're the sort of person that's highly susceptible to them.


Prepare, prepare, and prepare

Preparing in detail beforehand can help you feel more confident and at ease. Try not to be overly obsessive with detailed planning as it can lead to anxiety. Have control over your thoughts and be in charge when it comes to knowing what goes where, when and how.


Visualise a positive outcome

The power of visualisation as a tool to calm yourself down should not be neglected. Imagine the calmness that comes with the knowledge of things running smoothly and the happiness that you feel after a task is well done. This can not only be relaxing, but also make you feel less reactive and emotional during the period of time before the event.


Be less affected by others

We all know that the thoughts of others should not affect us unnecessarily. However, stress can be triggered by the people surrounding you. Just as how you can feel uptight when everyone else is panicking, stress can be pandemic. As such, learn to filter what you hear and see, and tune out unnecessary noise if it helps you to concentrate better.


Forgive yourself

At the back of your mind, know that to err is human. Making mistakes is unavoidable and is part of one’s journey towards improvement. When you falter, remember to practice forgiveness and pick yourself up where you left off. Shake off the nervousness, worry, and negativity and engage in constructive ways to improve yourself instead.


Being sensitive is not a bad trait. The only thing you are guilty of is paying more attention to the emotions of others and of yourself. The trick to making the best of this personality is to ration your sensitivity levels well and to keep it in check with the tips above. Embrace your feelings but don't let them overwhelm you!