How to say “goodbye” to your gym

How to say “goodbye” to your gym

by Eunice Chua 13 Dec 2018

In the journey towards self-improvement, change and adaptation is almost always necessary for growth. Sometimes, this means switching your current gym for one that offers a better fit your fitness level and goals. Leaving your gym is like ending a relationship – it’s a sad affair but it’s a step towards another stage in your life.  Here’s how to close this chapter of your fitness life with grace and dignity.


  • Make the right decision you won’t regret

Question yourself on why you want to leave. Are you leaving because the current facilities and programmes aren’t sufficient for what you need, or because you’re just tired of exercising altogether? If the reasons lean towards a general disinterest in training, you may want to reconsider your decision. The feeling of wanting to give up and stop might just be temporary – don’t let a bad day or week get in the way of your long-term fitness plans! Leaving your present gym for better prospects elsewhere on the other hand, is a valid reason and one that you shouldn’t feel guilty for.


  • Make a new start elsewhere

Take this opportunity to try out a variety of other gyms and find one you really like. It’s not just about the equipment and the training programmes; your environment will have an influence on your results. Find a gym with a like-minded community that you feel comfortable and happy to train with. Once you’ve found somewhere better to be, it’ll make it easier to act on your decision to leave your former gym.


  • End with a clean break

When you’ve made the final and ultimate decision to quit, don’t look back when you leave. You’re bound to feel sentimental towards an old gym but remember that staying there won’t help much with your progress because comfort can lead to complacency. A clean break is the best way to close this chapter in your life – studies have found that going cold turkey are the best ways to end relationships, and the same can go for gyms!


Gyms are places we push our boundaries and discover new limits we never thought we were capable of. That’s what makes them very dear to us – it’s in the gyms that we experience more pain and growth than nearly anywhere else in life. Saying goodbye to our gyms comes with a lot of heartache and guilt but remember the reasons why you’re leaving when it comes to breaking the news.


Gyms are stepping stones in our road to fitness and as much as we find a home in one, moving on is important to get better. Progress demands that we push our boundaries and discover new heights in our abilities that we never thought possible. Weigh your decision carefully and once you decide to act on it, be firm. Saying “goodbye” to our gyms can be an emotionally cumbersome experience, but remember the reasons why you’re leaving when the time comes to break the news.