How to treat anxiety with sound

How to treat anxiety with sound

by Ashley Tan 19 Dec 2017

Living with anxiety can be torturous affair. When something as minor as a sound of a bird chirping can trigger a panic attack, navigating your way through the world becomes akin to walking across a floor littered with shards of glass. So at first glance, the prospect of being able to treat anxiety with sound may not seem very intuitive. 


Yet if we think about it, how many times do people turn to music as a means of relaxation? You’d be mistaken to chalk that to some aural placebo effect, because research has revealed that certain sounds can actually help to reduce blood pressure and regulate heart rates. The power of sound is actually rather ubiquitous, and something that most of us have likely experienced first-hand before!


So how does medical sound-healing therapy work? Essentially, you will need to lie down with some large headphones over your ears, and listen to the sounds that are played. When you are stressed or anxious, the “frequency” – much like an actual wavelength signal – of your optimal state tips out of balance. Thus, sound therapy helps the body and mind to re-balance itself, as vibroacoustic stimulation from sounds emitted through the headphones help induce relaxation and reduce cortisol levels.


During the first part of the sound-healing therapy session, your body enters a parasympathetic state, which enables your body to become relaxed and facilitates recovery. Once a few minutes have passed, you should feel a sense of calm cover of you. In the last part of the session, “the body will align with the frequencies of happiness”, according to Kyle Godfrey-Ryan, the founder of Tune Studio. The effects of a simple 15-minute session should last from 2 to 10 hours. Ultimately, the aim of the therapy session is for you to leave feeling clear-headed and in a blissful mood, such that you are in the right state to go forth and conquer the rest of your day. 


If you’re looking for ways to restore wellness in your life and have anxiety dissipate from your typically stress-laden days, then you should definitely give sound-healing therapy a try. You may not find a place like Tune Studio opening in your area anytime soon, but the same effect can be achieved by listening to low-frequency ambient sounds like white noise through your earphones. Sounds of cats purring have also been shown to be helpful!