How your furry friend can help you keep fit

How your furry friend can help you keep fit

by Vanessa Ng 27 Feb 2020

As you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that your favourite furball may be lazing in a corner at home or sitting on your lap right now. Do you know that this adorable four-legged creature may actually be your secret weapon to being less lazy and more motivated to stay active?


Best cheerleaders

Many fitness enthusiasts will agree that the lack of motivation is the hardest obstacle in training and fat-loss. By making yourself accountable for your pet’s health by actively bringing them out for walks, runs, and other adventures, you will get fit together. Their adoring gazes cheer you on when you lag behind and are always there to nudge you forward with a woof or two. Who can resist such cute charms?


Fun workouts

Pet lovers invariably enjoy spending time with their furry friends. By involving your pet with your daily workout, a tiring training session automatically becomes a fun bonding activity! It can be the ever-popular cat yoga, or a simple jog with your dog. Even up-tempo walks with dogs can reduce visceral fat, which refers to fat that collects around your abdominal area. This is a great way for beginners to start gaining exposure to exercise in a subtle yet fun manner.


Be creative 

Your four-legged friend is more than willing to make use of playground equipment, boxes, giant PVC pipes, and whatever that is lying around your home as an obstacle course. Switch things up every once in a while by varying the obstacles or their placement to keep your pets guessing. Playing fetch or keep-away around these areas are also fun activities to consider. Be careful not to reward your pet with too many unhealthy treats!


Bond with your pet

Adding joy to your workout automatically improves your well-being. The connection with your pet, fostered through physical activities, improves the emotional health of both yourself and your furry pal. Working up a sweat together also creates a deeper level of intimacy with your pet.


Exercising can be made much more enjoyable if you let your pet join in the fun. After the workout, remember to wash up and you can look forward to a nice post-exercise cuddle-and-snuggle with your favourite at-home companion!