Is chocolate yoga becoming a thing?

Is chocolate yoga becoming a thing?

by Vanessa Ng 10 Jan 2020

If you are a fan of both chocolate as well as yoga, then you are in luck. The two seemingly irreconcilable favourites are now gaining more attention on social media. The parallels are not unimaginable – chocolates make you feel good, and so does yoga! Why not combine both?


That’s exactly what Guzel Mursalimove, a London-based yoga instructor, did in her collaboration with British chocolatier Love Cocoa. The 90-minute class is divided into two segments – the first is spent enjoying a chocolate bar while utilising ancient Buddhist techniques on mindfulness to fully explore and appreciate the flavours and sensations afforded by the chocolate, while the second combines restorative poses with essential oils to work on flexibility and muscle relaxation.


While chocolate yoga may seem like an excuse to eat more chocolates, the science behind it does not lie. Consuming a bit of chocolate before class can help you better get into a calm state of mind for yoga. Chocolate, which contains caffeine, theophylline and theobromine to give you energy boosts, is also packed with magnesium, which helps your muscles to relax and allows your mind to focus on meditation. Chocolate is also an antioxidant, which improves your mood and heart health. Historically, Mayans also consider cacao a “food of the Gods.”


While chocolate yoga can sound distracting and even hunger-inducing to some, there are proponents who find zen in it. If you are interested in chocolate yoga, it is not necessary to hunt around for a class. Why not give it a shot at home today to see if it suits your taste?


Set up your space and roll out a yoga mat. Have a piece of chocolate or two before doing yoga the old-fashioned way. Enjoy the chocolatey richness as you meditate and be mindful of the present moment. As you move along, you can even enjoy small pieces of different varieties of chocolate if you can to be in tune with a wide spectrum of flavours and textures. If you are feeling fancy, why not burn your favourite candle or apply a few drops of your favourite essential oil on your wrists to help you focus?


With such a healing and restorative form of yoga available, you now have more options to unwind and reach that sweet (or slightly bitter) state of nirvana. Better yet – grab a partner and indulge together!