Is it possible to balance a 24/7 job?

Is it possible to balance a 24/7 job?

by Vanessa Ng 28 Jan 2020

While most jobs do adhere to the conventional nine-to-five routine, there are some that require a great deal more gusto to handle. Being on standby consistently at a 24/7 job can be physically and mentally draining, but it is survivable. Here are some tips to keep your sanity levels in check: 


  • Look within

Find out if you are on call by choice, or because it is truly required by the company. Being a perfectionist and maintaining a good professional reputation have its perks. However, if you feel that a burnout is imminent, it may be time to loosen up. 


  • Prioritise

Working smart can help you achieve more things over a shorter period of time. Knowing how you are evaluated and what you need to tackle first to achieve your organisation’s objectives can help you better allocate your time and energy.


  • Stay focused

The workload may feel never-ending because of the distractions that you face. Working on multiple projects at a time can be unproductive. Instead, close irrelevant tabs on your browser and stay away from social media until what needs to be done gets done. 


  • Set boundaries

While being ever-ready can be indicative of vigilance, your employer might misinterpret that as a green light to contact you at any or all times. Consider muting your work phone after hours and stop yourself from checking your work e-mail when you’re at home. Know what is urgent, and what is not. Communicate your limitations and boundaries slowly, one at a time.


  • Take care of your health

While seemingly easy, taking care of your body does take a fair bit of effort. If you are passing on sleep and skipping meals in an attempt to clear or get a head start on work, then you need to stop and do a 180. Being busy may be a convenient excuse to ignore the state of your health, but it will definitely come around to bite you in the rear end sooner or later.


Knowing when to slow down, pause, and take a breather is important. Even if your job is a fast-paced one, you owe it to yourself to find a way to navigate it without compromising your physical and mental health. It’s a tightrope walk to be sure, so make sure that you maintain a healthy balance!