Is it time to cut back on how much you are drinking?

Is it time to cut back on how much you are drinking?

by Meredith Ling 02 Feb 2020

Everyone’s heard of a diet, but what about a “driet”? Driets, or drinking diets, encourage us to reconsider if we are drinking excessively (including the strength of the booze), and to cut down accordingly.


Even habitual drinkers are fully aware of the downside of drinking, if they haven’t already felt the effects. Anxiety and depression affecting our mood, dehydrated skin and hair, brittle nails, weight gain, weakened immune system – these are but a few of them.

Not unlike how some people watch their calories and go on a diet for better health and shape, a driet helps people who want to drink less.

Here are some ways you can get started:

  • Reduce your drinking to just one or two drinks per day (depending on size and strength of your drinks). Try not to drink every single day. Research suggests that women should not drink more than a 175ml glass of wine a day.
  • Keep a drinking diary, so that you can track consumption and make your adjustment accordingly. Check this out for a sample.
  • Use a mobile app, like Drink Control that helps you control the habit, track alcohol intake (and expenditure) and get an alert when you are reaching your limit. 
  • Have a mocktail, as an alternative to a cocktail or alcohol. Check out some delicious mocktail recipes here
  • Find other friends or drinking buddies who are also keen to cut down, you will be more motivated with a support group, and you can still hang out with them but drink less, together!


There is actually a recommended level of drinking for the best results. For some people, it could be as much as 50% less than what they are already used to every week. But really, any reduction is already doing your body a HUGE favour.