Juice cleanses don’t work

Juice cleanses don’t work

by Vanessa Ng 18 Apr 2018

The concept of a juice cleanse certainly sound tempting – simple, convenient, and either fruit or vegetable-based. Surely it must be good for you! Since they are made from natural ingredients, many people fall into the belief that such diets are healthy. However, such a mindset can lull you into a false sense of security and leave you worse for wear.


While many treat juice cleanses as a meal replacement, it is anything but. Juice cleanses work better when they’re treated as a supplement to your diet. Your body needs a wide variety of nutrients that juice cleanses fail to provide. Iron, calcium, protein, healthy fat, omega 3 fatty acids and carbohydrates are not something that juice cleanses have.


To make things even more complicated, these juices lack the fibre in them due to the absence of pulp. This is especially so for juice cleanses that utilise fruit juices, as it bypasses a lot of nutrition that is found in the peel and skin. With all that gone, you get is concentrated sugar. This not only spikes your blood sugar and insulin levels but can also make you feel hungry easily, which may lead to snacking. As such, juice cleanses may not help you to lose weight in the long run. Fibre is also good for your heart health as it lowers blood pressure, so there’s no sense in intentionally forsaking them.


Adopting a juice cleanse as your main method of nutrition also deprives your body of a great deal of calories. Over time, your body may get used to operating on such a deficit such that your metabolism slows down. When that happens, feelings of lethargy and an early onset of fatigue can have a negative impact on your day to day activities.


In fact, juice cleanses do not actually “cleanse” the body as they so claim. Unlike what its name suggests, there is no scientific evidence to prove that juice cleanses can get rid of your body’s toxins. Your kidneys and liver are consistently helping your body to detoxify itself. It is important to note that consuming liquid foods solely is not healthy. The presence of solid foods in your gastrointestinal tract helps to slow down your rate of digestion such that your body has enough time to absorb the nutrients properly.


Not all diets deserve the amount of hypes attributed to them. Instead of opting for an expensive (and wholly inefficient) juice cleanse to keep up with the trend, why not give sound nutritional advice a chance? Having a balanced diet based around whole foods will prove to be much more effective in the long run, and enjoyable too!