Keep that post-yoga glow rolling

Keep that post-yoga glow rolling

by Muhaimin X 05 Apr 2018

Regardless which yoga school/style you belong to, that feeling of “oneness” that envelopes your entire being is something that’s largely coveted and is indicative of a good session in the studio. However, most yoga practitioners would all agree that their biggest worry comes in the form of this hard-won bubble of zen disappearing once you exit your sanctuary.


While it may be difficult for some to escape the numerous killjoys and mood-killers that modern life brings, you can try practicing the following tips to help retain the enlightened state of your being, even well after your class has ended:


1. Maxismise the end-of-class savasana

Regardless of whether you are a novice, intermediate or an expert yoga practitioner, it is hard to argue against the anticipation that everyone feels for the savasana pose as a class nears its conclusion. Thoughts of stress might begin to creep up on you as you start to let your mind wander towards what you have to return to, but you will benefit more from taking control your mind and being more focused on the present as you allow the savasana to accomplish what it is supposed to.


2. Open your personal bubble to your yoga neighbours

"Namaste" – the yoga equivalent of a hello – allows you to share a moment of camaraderie with your fellow man/woman. The meaning of the word roughly translates to: “The light in me sees the light in you.” The gift of sharing is pleasurable, and you should be open to the prospect of exiting the studio doors richer in friendship than when you first walked in!


3. Retain that million-dollar smile!

Smile… a lot! The mood you exude has a greater effect on those around you than you release; inspire others around you with your positive vibes. Remember: what goes around comes around. By improving the way people around you feel, you’re also receiving that exact same energy in return!


4. Wear the right yoga outfit.

Sitting in damp and sticky clothes doesn’t feel good and it can make even the most stoic of individuals uncomfortable. Try to go with an outfit that utilises moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabric whenever possible. Wearing a top and bottom with high breathability will also prevent your body from retaining excess heat.


When it comes to the after-class shower session, pack a toiletry bag with these essentials: face wipes, deodourant, shampoo, rose water, SPF moisturiser, and lip gloss. Don’t be shy about doing yourself a little bit before you leave either – when you look good, you feel good as well!