Keeping Christmas green with alternative trees

Keeping Christmas green with alternative trees

by Pamela Ng 07 Dec 2017

Christmas and Christmas trees go together like reindeers and wooden sleighs. While it is great to have a pine-scented tree in your house, it’s not exactly the best choice where the environment is concerned. Plus, there’s the added inconvenience of post-holiday tree disposal. Here are 10 ideas for alternative trees that not only helps the environment but also saves you the trouble of carrying a heavy tree all by your lonesome:


1. Chalky tree

Instead of having a physical tree, you can create a blackboard drawing of a Christmas tree drawn with chalks of different colours. If you want a white tree for a “white Christmas” kind of feel, then use white chalk. And if you prefer a green tree with various colourful decorations, use coloured chalks. You can easily switch up the colours of the trees you want, making it a very versatile choice! Be sure to include some decorations in the foreground to make it look more 3D!


2. Tinsel tree

Tinsel is synonymous with Christmas decorations, so why not make a tree out of it? You can create a small tinsel Christmas tree and put in a corner as a perfect example of simplicity and minimalism. If you want things to appear livelier, simply create a few more!


3. Stacked branch tree

If there’s no getting out of using wood for your tree, why not make it out of tree branches? Sure, it might take a little DIY effort but once you get the balancing out of the way, you’ve got yourself Christmas tree that’s truly unique! Getting the right decorations on it takes it to a whole other level too!


4. White Christmas tree

If you want to take a literal approach to creating a white Christmas, get an C Christmas tree that’s as white as snow to really drive the message home. Unlike its green counterpart, a white Christmas tree is a classic for every holiday season which can be easily re-used, resulting in quite a bit of well-placed holiday savings.


5. Christmas Card tree

Despite digital technology, the practice of sending Christmas card annually remains admiringly relevant. Instead of wondering where to put the ones you receive, you can create a wooden display on the wall in the shape of a tree. After which, simply paste the cards on it to replicate the silhouette of a tree while enjoying the wealth of well-wishes from your loved ones.


6. Bookshelf tree

If your house lacks the space for a full-fledged tree, then simply rearrange your bookshelf with your existing glassware into the shape of a tree. This will allow you to utilise your probably-underused items while also brightening up the space.


7. Doily trees

For a more rustic and minimalistic display of a tree of any sort, try creating one out of small paper doilies. Just cut a wedge out of a round doily to form a cone and prop them on twigs placed in small glasses. Their intricate patterns will put an elegant touch to your house while maintaining a gentle Christmas vibe.


8. Succulents

Succulents are known for their thick and fleshy petals (hence “succulent”) while being easy and convenient to maintain. With some thoughtful arrangement, these plants can be brought together to form a shape of a Christmas tree. Look for the ones that fan out to create a more “open” design.


9. Driftwood trees

If you see driftwood as nothing more than garbage, then think again. A resourceful mind can in fact use driftwood to create a beautiful Christmas tree! This is just another great example of reusing something that would otherwise be disposed by most families. To maximise the aesthetic value, use blue and silvery Christmas balls to complement your driftwood tree.


10. Cork it up

Avid wine drinkers, this one is a treat for you. If you have a collection of wine bottle corks, you can cobble them together with a glue gun to create a small Christmas tree decoration. Not only is it environmentally-friendly, but also gives off a wine scent thanks to what lingers on the cork!


Christmas trees don’t have to be fancy evergreens for them to be authentic. In this age of global warming, it always pays to be green! Instead of contributing to the number of felled trees, harness your creativity and your resources to create a more beautiful masterpiece of a Christmas tree that would turn even Mother Earth green with envy!