KO your training blues

KO your training blues

by Ashley Tan 01 Jan 2020

When it comes to fitness training, most of us would have likely encountered periods of stagnation, where it feels like our motivation has decreased or our progress has reached a plateau. We’ve all been there before, but with enough strength and effort, knocking your training blues right out of the park can be a reality! 


1. Make minor adjustments

Instead of discarding your entire fitness programme, consider making small adjustments to it to maximise its effectiveness. Aside from being mentally invigorating, making minor tweaks to your workouts can also lead to more visible results. For instance, you could try incorporating variations of bench press exercises, such as the board press or floor press, or even use a wider grip than you normally would. These alterations may appear to be rather miniscule, but can actually make a significant difference in conferring better results.


2. Simplify your training

When you feel that your progress has stagnated, or that your motivation and energy has waned somewhat, then analysing your training programme and identifying what works and what doesn’t is crucial to ameliorating the situation. One way of changing your training would be to make it as fluff-free as possible. For example, if you’ve been integrating a high volume of work along with complicated variations or loading schemes, then you may want to consider toning it down. The act of simplifying not only gives you mind a break from the tedium, but also provides the body with a novel stimulus to adapt to.


3. Change your training completely

If your current training system isn’t helping you reap the rewards that you seek, especially in spite of modifications, then it’s probably a sign that you need to give it a complete overhaul. For instance, if you’re an iron-lover who typically lifts for a workout, you could try other activities like martial arts, yoga or gymnastics instead. By introducing a new programme, your form, physical strength, agility and mobility, amongst others, is likely to improve. Rather than being stuck in the same old lane, put your obstinacy aside and try something new. Who knows – you may even prefer it over your original routine! 


4. Take a break

Repeating the same activities constantly can become monotonous, which in turn results in a loss of desire or excitement. If going to the gym is the one activity on your to-do list that you look the least forward to, then perhaps it’s time to take some time off and allow for the motivation to build up again, especially since absence tends to make the heart grow fonder!


5. Engage a personal trainer/coach

Trying to figure out a workout programme that works best for you while grappling with a busy scheduling can be a frustrating hassle. Engaging a personal trainer who possesses the expertise and experience to help you design an effective programme customised to your needs and goals can take away the stress of changing your training that comes with managing it on your own. Plus, if you and your trainer establish a strong rapport, it’ll be like having a good friend egg you on while you train!


When the way your body responds to workouts changes, so should your training. Finding ways to keep your training fresh without losing its effectiveness can help keep your training blues at bay, while the lack of open-mindedness may do the exact opposite. After all, if you change nothing, then nothing changes.