Level up your de-cluttering skills!

Level up your de-cluttering skills!

by Eunice Chua 20 Feb 2020

Hoarding things is a problem that many of us face to varying degrees but can never admit. While it hurts to toss out things that are otherwise useless but retains some nostalgic value, learning how to let go of things that don't add anything concrete to your life is an important part of de-cluttering. Here are the three types of objects that people have trouble getting rid of, and how to convince yourself to let go of it.


1. Objects of sentimental value  

Sentimental tokens are the hardest to get rid of because their value lies in more their physical worth. These tend to be random knick-knacks such as old ticket stubs or gifts from an old friend, and they seldom have any tangible value in your house aside from taking up space. While it’s hard to throw them away, remind yourself that while the memories attached to them are important, discarding the object doesn't equate to dismissing the memory behind it. If you absolutely have to, stick to just keeping one souvenir per important occasion (e.g. wedding, graduation, etc.).


2. Objects of future/undetermined value

Some things may not be immediately useful to you, but you can definitely see yourself using them someday. Sure – objects such as extra wrapping paper, empty boxes and stationery may be able to come in handy someday, but chances are that day is still a long way away. Between now and the day you actually need such objects, there's definitely more to gain from having a living space that's less cluttered instead of turning it into a shrine of “maybes” and “what-ifs”.


3. Objects that cost a lot

No one likes throwing expensive things away – it’s like throwing away money! Nevertheless, if your expensive souvenir isn’t bringing any joy to your life or spends all its time shoved into a corner, then it really won’t come with as much of a personal cost as you'd think if you throw it away. You can also treat this a lesson in spending your money more carefully in the future!


De-cluttering is always harder than it seems because the process of deciding what stays and what goes is much more difficult than the actual act of binning stuff. If you find yourself hesitating with an object, chances are you probably can do without it, so do the rational thing and free yourself from it. A successfully de-cluttered home can usher in a huge sense of liberation and joy like nothing else, so don’t be afraid to embrace your inner Kondo!