Make 2019 your most grateful and compassionate year

Make 2019 your most grateful and compassionate year

by Natalie L 08 Feb 2019

Many people start the year wanting to “feel happier” or “more satisfied”, but what do they really mean? Does it mean better careers? Starting a family? Pursuing new goals? Often, achieving this feeling of satisfaction might not require a change in circumstances; rather, it requires a change in attitude. If you often feel disgruntled or unsatisfied after a day of work, perhaps you need to change your attitude and be more appreciative or grateful. Here’s how you can make a difference today and how you can make 2019 your most grateful and compassionate year.


Count your blessings everyday

Find a quiet spot at the end of each day to reflect on the day’s happenings. This doesn’t have to be long; even 10 minutes before bed will do! During this time, focus on what went well during the day and what you can be thankful for. Even if it was a bad day, do not break the routine – continue to set aside the time to reflect and to think about your blessings (there's always something). For personal growth, you may wish to troubleshoot the bad events of the day and think about ways to either prevent them from occurring again in the future or improve the way you react to them. At the start, it might seem difficult to perform this ritual, but it will come more naturally once this process has settle into your daily routine.


Always thank others

This may sound excessively simple, but it can make a huge difference to those around you! It shows the other party that their help has been appreciated and that it has made a difference to you. It can make their day and it can help you to better remember the help which you have received. Making this a habit might take some time and effort, but it is definitely a worthwhile habit to cultivate. There's nothing quite like knowing that something you did made someone's day a little brighter!


Do not underestimate the small actions

Helping others need not always be a grand gesture. Small actions of kindness in everyday life are equally important and appreciated! Always keep your eyes and ears open and be alert to your surroundings. See someone fumbling with multiple bags? Notice that someone dropped a belonging? There is your chance to be their hero for the day! Even the words you say can have a profound impact. Just as how thanking someone creates value, saying something encouraging and supportive can uplift the spirits of those who happen to feel less than their best on that day. Similarly, playing the part of a listening ear can also foster a tremendous sense of relief in others, especially those who feel the need to get something off their chest.


Making a change takes time and effort. Most importantly, it must come from within and a genuine desire to improve. If you wish to become a more grateful and compassionate version of yourself this year, you can start by taking these small steps. Remember: tiny motions give way to big changes!