Manage your time like an entrepreneur

Manage your time like an entrepreneur

by Eunice Chua 31 Jan 2020

Time never seems to be enough these days, especially not when you’re trying to live to the fullest and balancing a myriad of activities including work and social time. What if an expert told you that you are doing it all wrong?


Entrepreneur Randi Zuckerberg, a former Facebook executive, swears by living realistically by choosing three things to focus on every day and then saving the rest for another day.


If you constantly feel that 24 hours isn’t enough to do everything you need to do, Zuckerberg agrees – because she believes that we shouldn’t be cramming so much into this limited window of time. Here’s how you can free up time to focus on your three chosen activities (and more):


  • Distribute your workload

You don’t have to do everything yourself. Delegate work to other members of your team, especially if you hold a higher position. Troubling yourself with minor tasks means less time to focus on bigger, more important ones.


Having your inbox constantly open and trying to reply instantly can be unproductive in the long run. Zuckerberg believes in replying in bursts, where you open your email only several times during the day and reply all of them at a go. This allows you to focus to better on finishing your other tasks to a higher standard.


  • Rejection is okay

While it’s courtesy to help others when they approach you, sometimes you have to be realistic and put your own needs first. Don’t overload yourself with the commitments of others if you’re already struggling with your own.


  • Drive task efficiency

When we work at our own pace, chances are that this pace is going to be leisurely and unproductive. Instead, impose time constraints on your tasks. Keep the pace fast and productive, and you’ll find that your time is being converted into more entertainment time to enjoy yourself.


Foregoing balance and focusing on spending quality time on activities seems to be the prevailing motto behind this approach. Rather than trying to do more, place more emphasis on optimising your processes. Perhaps Zuckerberg's success is sufficient testament to the power of this theory. In any case, it won’t hurt to work yourself less hard and spend more time on things you actually enjoy doing!