Master your holiday travel experience

Master your holiday travel experience

by Eunice Chua 03 Feb 2020

We all love the joy of being on holiday but sometimes, the physical act of travelling itself bogs us down with anxiety and physical discomfort from the disruption of our regular lifestyle. Learning to overcome the on-the-go jitters will set you in the right mood to make the most of being overseas – here’s how!


Flights, whether short or long, make many of us feel queasy and unsettled. When you’re in a seat miles above the clouds or on a vehicle driving down long winding roads, you’re bound to feel uncertain and anxious. The good news is that travel anxiety can be managed with a few quick tips and a healthy dose of mindfulness.


  • Find out what triggers the anxiety and get rid of it

Certain pre-flight events or situations can induce sweaty palms and racing thoughts before we even board the plane, especially if you're a nervous traveller. It’s important to identify your triggers so that you can avoid the unnecessary stress that they bring. For some, watching the news while preparing to go sets off the anxious feelings because they start worrying about the worst-case scenarios. Others are terrified about the take-off and landing sequences. Knowing your triggers, you can then take active steps to manage them, such as downloading relaxing music and packing your headphones to calm you down during troublesome moments.


  • Pack snacks and vitamins

Hunger, dehydration and exhaustion can greatly exacerbate the stress so it’s important to pack nutritional snacks rather than settle for processed airplane food. Be sure to pack along health supplements that will boost your holiday diet and keep you in prime health throughout the trip. Some simple examples include hard-boiled eggs, jerky, raw nuts and a basic salad. Supplements that help with digestion, fish oil capsules and multivitamins are also worthy inclusions. All these may sound a little excessive, but they help to regulate your digestive and endocrine system, which are subject to stress incurred by travelling and new time zones. Surely you wouldn’t want your holiday to be ruined by an illness, right?


  • Mindful breathing

Breathing, like meditation, is a very simple act that does great wonders for stress management. If you’re on a plane and you start to panic, close your eyes, tune out your thoughts and regulate your breathing. Breathe in for five counts, hold it for another five, and then release for the next five. Just a few repetitions of this can keep the panic at bay and help you think past the fog of anxiety. If it’s a long flight, consider packing some chelated magnesium tablets that will ease your body into a relaxed state, or take some when you reach your overseas accommodation. A good sleep will prove instrumental to clearing away the remaining stress.


  • Positive thoughts

A smooth travel experience boils down to your thoughts, so keep them as positive as you can. Be prepared for possible interruptions like flight delays, crying babies or turbulence. When you're travelling with the holiday crowd, things seldom go off without a hitch. Keeping an open mind helps you stay calm when the unexpected happen, and this will help you tide through the uncertainty. Mindfulness is a great companion to positivity – keep checking in on yourself, assess your emotional state and inject some positivity into your thoughts when you notice any signs of stress.


Travelling is meant to be a joyous experience so don’t let the mental and physical discomfort of flying get you down! Keeping your flights as calm and relaxed as possible will ensure that you’re in the perfect mood to truly enjoy your your holiday, so make the change to overcome those pesky travel bugs. I promise you – it's worth it!