Nut up for greater health

Nut up for greater health

by Pamela Ng 07 Jan 2020

What’s small, delicious and full of healthy goodness? The answer is nuts! Despite their small size, nuts are amazingly nutrient-dense and best of all, are convenient to snack on. Here are some reasons why going nuts for nuts can mean great news for your health:


1. Nuts are nutrient-dense

Although different nuts have different nutritional profiles, one thing is for sure: they are all nutritious. They contain a variety of nutrients, from protein and carbohydrates, to various minerals like copper, manganese and selenium. Due to its high nutrient-density, they can also fill you up nicely, thus making them a good choice for a low-carb diet.


2. Nuts are rich in anti-oxidants

Stressed bodies are full of free radicals that can destroy cells and increase of the risk of certain health diseases. Nuts are rich in anti-oxidants that help to eliminate these free radicals and reduce the risk of health conditions. In one study, it has been shown that people who consumed walnuts and almonds have less oxidative damage in their bodies than those who did not consume nuts.


3. Nuts can help manage your weight

It has been shown consistently through many studies that eating nuts can help you to manage and lose weight. This is because nuts are very satiating (thanks to how much chewing is involved) and are able to keep you full for a longer time. As a result, your cravings are curbed and you won’t be reaching for the unhealthy junk food anytime soon. Just remember to not to go overboard with them!


4. Nuts are loaded with fibre

Nuts are high in dietary fibre which has a range of benefits. The bacteria in our gut are able to convert fibre into short-chain fatty acids to improve gut health and manage weight problems. The fibre can also keep us full for a longer time, as well as encourage healthy bowel movements.


5. Nuts can keep heart problems at bay

Nuts can improve cardiovascular health as they increase levels of HDL (good) cholesterol and enlarge LDL particle size. LDL particle mass has been found to have a direct effect on the risk of contracting a coronary heart disease; smaller and denser particles increase the risk threefold. Larger LDL particles means there is less clotting in the arteries so that blood can flow without being obstructed by plaque build-up.


Nuts are great for health and convenient to consume. If you are someone who loves to chew and snack, nuts are the perfect choice for you. No need for potato chips and candy bars – they just don’t measure up!