Nutrition tips for seniors

Nutrition tips for seniors

by Pamela Ng 22 Feb 2020

People of different ages have different nutritional requirements due to the changes in physiology that comes with age. When it comes to seniors, additional consideration needs to be taken when it comes to nutrition to help ensure a more wholesome life, reduce the risk of age-related health conditions, and contribute towards longevity. Here are some nutrition tips for the more matured members in our communities:


1. Consume more healthy fat

Healthy fat can benefit everyone, especially seniors. These include omega-3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fat which can help to reduce inflammation and thus prevent the rise of other health conditions such as arthritis and heart diseases. Good sources of healthy fat include seeds, nuts and fish. Nutritional supplements can also help fill the gap.


2. Drink lots of water

Seniors need to be mindful when it comes to keeping hydrated. This is because as one ages, thirst for water decreases even though the need for fluids remain constant. By keeping a water bottle at the side, it is easier to remind oneself to drink up at regular intervals.


3. Stock up on minerals

As one ages, they would need more mineral, calcium and vitamin D. It not only helps to maintain bone density and strength, but can also help to lower blood pressure and prevent conditions such as fibromyalgia. These minerals can be derived from dairy products such as milk and cheese. sources of calcium that are plant-based, non-dairy milk (almond or soy milk) and leafy green vegetables are also great and healthy options.


4. Reduce sodium intake

Excessive sodium can lead to high blood pressure, so cutting excess sodium from diets and reducing intake can benefit one’s healthy greatly. Frozen and processed foods are often heavily laden with sodium. Avoid these foods and use fresh produce instead to prepare meals. If you desire more flavour, try experimenting with different herbs and spices instead.


A wholesome diet is crucial for ensuring one’s well-being. After all, nothing’s more important than good health, especially in one’s golden years! The right food and nutrients can enhance the mind and body, while helping you to save on medical bills. You can then step into the next milestone of life more confidently and more assured.