Oestrogen-proof your nutrition

Oestrogen-proof your nutrition

by Teo Kai Wen 26 Feb 2020

Having excess oestrogen in your body can be an issue for men and women alike, and has been associated with a higher body fat percentage, lower muscle mass and even an increased cancer risk, so it’s important to ensure that your body can metabolise it efficiently and effectively – a simple way to do this is to make simple alterations to your diet.


1. Eat more protein 

High-protein foods such as fish, meat, beans, and eggs supply amino acids lysine and threonine that support liver function, and aid the liver in metabolising oestrogen.


2. Avoid sugar 

Over-consumption of sugar has been found to turn off the genes that regulate production of testosterone and oestrogen.


3. Eat more healthy fats

The omega-3 fatty acids that come from fatty fish like salmon and mackerel, promote oestrogen metabolism.


4. Eat seeds like sesame, fenugreek and flax

Seeds are packed with a type of fibre called lignans, which can bind to oestrogen in the digestive tract, allowing it to be excreted from the body.


5. Drink green tea 

Besides being low in caffeine and calories, green tea is packed with anti-oxidants that protect cells from damage due to excess oestrogen. 


6. Add lemon to your drinks

Lemon and other citrus fruits not only contain anti-oxidants that protect against damage from oestrogen, but are also packed with the D-limonene, which helps the liver metabolise oestrogen. 


7. Replace unhealthy carbs

Dietary fibre improves gastrointestinal health, while ensuring complete elimination of oestrogen compounds.  Opting to swap refined carbohydrates out for unrefined carbohydrate options will ensure that fibre needs are met.


Taking charge of your health can be as simple as changing the way you eat, so don’t be afraid to start today!