Overcoming being tired all the time

Overcoming being tired all the time

by Tessa Wang 10 Feb 2020

How many of you feel these symptoms…

- you are really, really tired, most of the time

- you always feel drained of energy

- all you want to do most of the time is to sleep

- you fall sick easily when there is a flu bug going around the office


You might be surprised to know, more people than you can imagine actually suffer from the above, and for a multitude of different reasons. 


Many of us squander away good energy on unnecessary things (and people), and with bad habits. Unhealthy relationships, meaningless friendships, workaholism... rather importantly but often neglected, even dietary, lifestyle and environmental factors contributing to the health of our adrenal glands and our stress hormones can cause tremendous effects. 


When you face what has been causing your depleting energy, and recognise what’s the root cause, you can start helping yourself out of the situation by paying more attention to what you are doing to your body.

·       This first one probably hits a good number of us. If you are someone who can’t survive the day without caffeine, it’s an indication that your adrenals may be getting less effective at managing your adrenal stress hormones.

·       Chronic stress levels lead to magnesium in our body being depleted. Lower magnesium levels increase the risk of insomnia and poor sleep quality, in turn raising stress levels; this then forms a vicious cycle, as more magnesium is lost.

·       If we are not consuming a balanced diet, or sufficient Vitamin B, cholesterol and minerals, we may not be able to produce adrenal hormones effectively.

·       If you haven’t been sleeping enough, or well, the result is higher levels of stress hormones, in turn associated with higher rates of obesity and mental health problems.

·       If your diet is often sugar-loaded, an increased production of adrenal stress hormones and a drop in blood sugar may strain your adrenals.


Make up your mind to change your state of constant fatigue. Try meditation, exercise and other stress relief techniques that fit into your lifestyle.