Overcoming mountains in life

Overcoming mountains in life

by Natalie L 07 Feb 2020

Life is never a smooth-sailing journey. We’ve been through sunshine and storms, and perhaps we’ve even hit what seems like rock bottom before. Regardless of our past experiences, life ahead of us will continue to be peppered with obstacles – physical, emotional, psychological and even spiritual. Be that as it may, there is reassurance in knowing that someone, somewhere has faced the same tribulations and surmounted it. If they can do it, so can you!  


Starting at ground zero

Before a mountaineer embarks on his journey, he would have to train for weeks, months or even years! Training is critical, as it builds up his stamina and trains his mind for the climb ahead. This should be no different for us. If we want to overcome a physical mountain, we would need to engage in a proper training regimen. Furthermore, it is important to recognise that most of the mountains in our lives are unforeseen. Thus, it is critical for us to prepare ourselves as a pre-emptive measure. For example, if our mountains tend to be emotional in nature (e.g. depression, anxiety, etc.), it would becomes important for us to surround ourselves with close friends and family now. Similarly, distance yourself from individuals whose toxicity will only send you spiralling.


The climb

The first part of the climb might seem relatively easy, but it will only get harder as we go further up. The air gets thinner, making it harder to breathe. Fatigue will kick in, making us feel lethargic and demotivated. The route might also become less well-defined, making us feel uncertain and afraid. As a result, many people tend to give up halfway, or even when they're just shy of reaching the peak. How can you prevent this from happening to yourself?


Always stay fixated on your goal and remind yourself of why you embarked on this journey! The goal which you have set for yourself should be the focal point of your quest and the thought of it will be the one sustaining you throughout your climb. If you are embarking on the journey for the sake of others and not for yourself, it is more than likely for you to give up halfway through. Thus, always have a clear goal for YOURSELF in mind, and stick to it!


Visualise your peak

Making small goals for yourself is useful in helping you to stay on track. We might often lose heart when we feel that our destination is too far away. However, miracles simply don’t happen overnight! We need to be realistic. Reaching every small goal is a step in the right direction and should be a reason for celebration.


Perhaps you are facing a mountain in your life today; are you simply going to stop moving ahead? Will you give in to temptation and take the easier path around it or are you ready to go the distance? The journey is never going to be easy but with determination and effort, it is all but certain that you will reach your summit in due time!