Parents' role in raising powerful women

Parents' role in raising powerful women

by Natalie L 07 Feb 2020

Angela Merkel (Chancellor of Germany), Theresa May (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom), Melinda Gates (co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) – these are the 3 most powerful women in the world, according to a Forbes report. What makes these women stand out from the crowd? Their work acumen and capabilities definitely play a significant role, but it is their character which ultimately enables them to soar in their respective fields. Resilience and confidence are common traits shared among successful women today; these need to be nurtured from a young age. Here are some ways in which you as a parent, can nurture your daughter to be a powerful, respected woman of tomorrow.


  • Be the behind-the-scenes support

Your daughter might have big dreams, and she probably already has the resources and ability to reach them. However, she’s never going to take the first step towards that dream if she lacks confidence. Perhaps she needs a little nudge from you in order to take that leap of faith. Parents hold a very special place in their daughter’s heart – their trust serve as the source of her confidence in her abilities. You lay the foundation for your daughter’s development in not just the physical sense, but in an emotional, psychological and social way as well. Let your daughter know that you are rooting for her and that you are always behind to catch her if she falls.  


  • Always stay by her side

Making the effort to understand your daughter’s feeling tells her that you care about her. When she’s happy, be there to celebrate with her. Similarly, be her shoulder to cry on when she’s upset. Regardless of whether she is right or wrong, take the time to hear her out. Staying by your daughter’s side and hearing her out can deepen the bond between the both of you, allowing both parties to open up and understand each other better. This is key to developing a deeper relationship with your daughter and making her feel loved. With this constant stream support, she'll find the courage to move forward rather than backslide.


  • Prepare her for take-off

Once solid support has been established, it is time for your daughter to take flight! However, she lacks the life experience to pave the way ahead and might run into doubts along the way. Here is where your “words of wisdom” come into play! Worried that your advice might not be particularly relevant to your daughter's situation? Don’t be! There is always something to be learnt; the values and lessons from your personal experiences might resonate with your daughter, aiding her in the journey towards success.


There is no fast track to nurture your daughter to become a powerful leader of the future. It requires time, thought and plenty of effort but doing so is your sole privilege, so relish the opportunity! Not only can you be the superhero in your daughter's life, but also empower her to be a superhero in the eyes of many others in the future as well!