Partner-proof your sleep hygiene

Partner-proof your sleep hygiene

by Vanessa Ng 1 month ago

While people tend to focus on getting a comfortable bed, pillow, bolster and blanket to improve sleep quality, one's quality of sleep also encompasses the person who happens to be sleeping next to you as well. Here are some tips to work on this oft-forgotten aspect of sleep hygiene.



The partner who snores can first see a doctor to check for sleep disorders such as sleep apnoea, which is a condition whereby breathing repeated starts and stops while the person is asleep. Snoring can also be caused by a variety of reasons, one of which being body position. For instance, some people only snore when they are lying on their back, but not while on their sides or when their upper body is elevated. In this case, you can consider purchasing special shirts that are designed to keep you sleeping on your sides.


Tossing and turning

Understanding the root cause of your partner tossing and turning is crucial to solving it. It can be triggered by insomnia, breathing disturbances, muscle cramps, restless legs, stress and uncomfortable mattress, just to name a few. With this in mind, you can then work with your partner to give each other a restful night.


Sleeping and waking time

Syncing your body clock to your partner’s can help to improve overall sleep quality. This can be difficult if the both of you have a drastically different work schedule or engage in shift work. In light of this, try to ascertain both you and your partner’s triggers. Perhaps they are sensitive to the noise, light, or mattress movement when the other partner enters the room and gets in bed. With this knowledge, you can remedy the situation in a targeted manner. If all else fails, try sleeping separately on some nights so that the both of you can get uninterrupted sleep on a few days of the week at least.



Agreeing on the ideal temperature to sleep in can be difficult. To cope with this, one partner can try getting thicker and warmer pyjamas, or get an extra blanket. Sleeping with the window open when its breezy is also a good compromise instead of having the air conditioning unit going full-blast every single night.


It's not very often that we get to choose who we bunk with. If your partner fails to be the perfect match for you sleep-wise, take heart in knowing that there are ways to overcome your differences. They say you should never go to bed angry, but the same should be said for waking up the same way!