Passing out from heavy lifts?

Passing out from heavy lifts?

by Pamela Ng 26 Feb 2020

While exercising hard is great at improving our physique and fitness, it is more important to avoid and lower the risks of injuries. After all, safety is of paramount importance, especially when it comes to heavy lifting. Hence, if you find yourself on the verge of passing out after a heavy set, take a step back and evaluate your body’s condition instead of pressing on. Here are 3 reasons why you could be passing out from heavy lifts:


1. Drop in blood pressure

Due to the rigorous lifts, blood pressure can drop. This is because during the lifts, the chest area tightens due to the amount of force and energy being exerted. The constriction at the thoracic area reduces blood flow and oxygen availability, thus causing light-headedness. That is why besides training the muscles, seasoned heavy lifters also learn to breath properly in order to deliver oxygen around the body efficiently and utilise it effectively.


2. Decrease in blood sugar level

The muscles need to use large amounts of glucose to produce the energy to lift the weights. Rounds and rounds of heavy lifting will deplete the sugar levels in the blood, leading to hypoglycaemia. As a result, the brain and muscles cannot receive sufficient working amounts of sugar, thus resulting in weakness and fainting spells. To prevent this, one should consume a nutritious snack when there is impending dizziness, as the snack will restore sugar levels and help you avoid passing out. Furthermore, try not to do heavy lifting on an empty stomach.


3. Lack of water

When there is a low amount of fluid in our bodies, our blood pressures take a hit as well. As a result, blood flow becomes slower and our muscles do not receive the oxygen and glucose fast enough to produce the energy required, thus causing one to pass out. Remember to drink enough water during not just heavy lifting, but also in any exercise in general. Choose a location that is not too hot so that you will sweat less, retain more fluid and lower the risk of dehydration.


Heavy lifting can be great for training our muscles, but like everything else, it is not worth the risk of obtaining injuries or passing out in the process. No matter how hard you are working, you should always take note of the condition of your body. Pressing on can be admirable, but listen to your body and stop if it doesn’t feel right. Take a step back and only continue once you feel better.