Peptides – is this a legal performance enhancer

Peptides – is this a legal performance enhancer

by Pamela Ng 11 Jan 2018

Performance enhancing substances have always been likened to steroids and testosterone boosters. However, the usage of peptides has been making waves in the athletic community due to its ability to replicate the benefits of such drugs while taking advantage of a legal loophole. But what exactly are peptides and how do they affect our bodies? 


Role of peptides


Peptides, being small chains of amino acids, are able to help in the repair and growth of muscles. This is important to athletes due to the demands of their training, and an athlete who recovers better is one who can perform better.


When it comes to recovery, there is only so much the body can do by itself. In this case, supplementing with peptides can assist and help the body in its repair, helping it to regain its strength and function faster.


Besides this important feature, peptides can also enhance performance in many ways, such as increase lean body mass and lower body fat. This makes peptides a very attractive option to those who have aesthetically-inclined goals.


Risk of abuse


Like everything else, too much of peptides can be harmful for the body and cause various side-effects. This is because excessive proteins in the body can form more toxic chemicals that would take a longer time to remove. In the bid to see faster and more aggressive results, the possibility of peptide abuse is very real. Doing so would not only be counterproductive, but also detrimental to the body.


This issue is further complicated by the fact that peptides are more difficult to detect compared to conventional steroids, and this can interfere with the fairness and integrity of sporting events.


Although the risks and concerns are apparent, peptide supplements sold on the market are done so legally, and largely unmonitored and unregulated. This means that while almost anyone can purchase them from a distributor, the quality is suspect at best. Furthermore, certain strains of peptides are only sold for research purposes and have yet to be cleared for human consumption.


It is important to note that the purchase of peptides is only legal with a prescription. While it is undeniable that peptides can help athletes, they can also be harmful for those who use them indiscriminately and excessively. Although it is not certain whether peptide supplements will be regulated eventually, users would do well to educate themselves on the inherent risks and decide if the trade-off is worth it.